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Strange case of Interpol chief disappearing in the mist

What happened to THIS guy???

Strange case of Interpol chief disappearing in the misty fog of Chinese smog.

Interpol can not find his own chief? Well ex chief? Very impressive organization we say it is then.

It's been months now and no one knows what happened, no one knows what's going on and it seems no one has the balls nor really wants to to ask Chinese wtf happened.

How is it possible that the head of international police is missing, sending some stupid tweets with a knife in it and no one gives a fuck, so it seems. At least we don't hear nor see anything in the media about it. Gone, puff!!! It's like head of FBI was missing and no one woul...

Fucking motherfucking CUNT

Absolute, fucking dick, motherfucking CUNT. Disgraceful (not)human being!!!!!

Girls and Agencies welcome to email for more info. Guys (other hobbyist) are more then welcomed to call/text that garbage to tell him what a fucking loser dickhead IT is.

Why are we doing this? You should be pissed at that asshole not us. It is cunts like him messing up the whole business for normal people. Believe us, in order to get on that red board or the list you really have to be a fucking CUNT.

Robert Risigliano works for Fedex

About cocksucking Patreon


Why are you guys still using that site?

Why the fuck are you trying to justify those cocksuckers? Why are you trying to find logic in their behavior? There is none. Actually there is, but You are asking wrong questions. It should be obvious to everybody with a half of the brain what's going on.

Problem always is that so called “right” doesn't unite in the face of adversities, left does. Why aren't all known Ytubers leave Patreon en masse the same day? That would send a clear message to those fucking cunts.

Stop whining and just call your bank, open a merchant account and start accepting CC on your own. I know it is a pain in the ass but what else can we do?

TOS don't mean anything, we are living in a lawless times and TOS are there just for the show...

We are assholes!

We need to write something but the head is empty...

It is raining like crazy here..

Got it!!!! Someone just called us assholes!!! Great topic!!

Let's explore!

So are we assholes or not... hmmm... that is the question...

We are assholes because:

we reply instant and to the point but with no sugar coating

if you ask for Mary and Kathy and we answer that Kathy is available, don't ask why Mary is not. You gave us 2 choices, one is available, If you wanted only one, why did you ask about two??? Who is an asshole now?

We are assholes because:

we never answer stupid questions like: who is better? Who is better looking? Did she have anybody already? WTF????? Who is an asshole now???

We are also assholes because we ban time wasters and...

Let's just shoot anybody today

So it is ok to kill an american citizen in the mall NOT charged with any crime, but it is not ok to kill illegal invaders even though you witness the crime being comitted??? Fucking awesome.

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So I heard on the radio today, have to mention that it was a student station, one of the NPR college stations, where two, uninformed or ill-informed kids were talking about that atrocious “holiday” of white genociders horrible named “thanksgiving”. They were raving about how stupid Columbus was. Ha! I would love to see them embarking on that dangerous journey he did. No iPhones... No Lattes... Fuck!!! They were of course discussing why and what are we actually thankful for?? Little, ungrateful fucking brats I call them. The topic of their conversation was the same as every year: poor Indians (no no Indians, Native Americans) got killed by horrid, satanistic white men, blah, blah, blah. Well, tough shit. Get over it little cunts! Be thankful for what they did, because al...

Traffic calming

They will take every fucking square inch of an asfalt from us!!!

Why????? WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY?????? Who is behind it? Who is responsible??? Why are we letting them do it????

Every morning is different. Every morning in the car driving on the streets of the beautiful LA is different. Every morning is different because every morning the invisible hand (not of the market, that would be lovely) of the city administration is taking inches and inches of the roads we are using. Lanes grabbing, lanes indication changes, imaginary bike lanes, plastic sticks, flower pots???? WTF!!!!

Where the fuck traffic is supposed to go???? Are they really that retarded or “computer simulations indicated that if we reduce available space for the cars they will move faster”??????

Please some...

Do we have any laws left???


We still don't get it. It still doesn't compute. Why are we even talking about that Caravan. The solution is so simple and it;s staring in your face. But no one wants to say it, no one wants to make that decision, Those are the times we live in. And don't fucking tell me that America is a country of immigrants. We know that. But you can have sex two ways: consensual and rape. Do the libtards/leftists/progressive see the difference?


#dinnerdates of a #sugarbaby


Everyone likes them, everyone was at at least one, everyone had a bad one, but not everyone thinks about getting more than just a dinner out of them! To utilize them to better off your life and your social standing.

We do

Why would you waste your time and energy on random guys taking you out, sometimes leaving you with a bill to pay? Going out should be fun for a young and attractive sugar babies like you! Gentlemen are looking for smart and outgoing girls, who know what they want from life and they can reward you for your enthusiasm!

A lot of novice sugar babies are joining some crazy “dating” or “seeking arrangments” sites. Do they realize how dangerous those websites are? Do they realize that meeting anybody from there can turn really badly for th...

Midterm elections blues

Midterm results, few words:

What can we say? We are doomed. If A. O. Cortez and some other crazy people are voted in based on being bisexual or muslim or just because they are women, we are fucked! I think we will form a party of jerk offs. We like to jerk off and our people should have “equal rights” to heterosexuals. I should be able to marry my own hand! That's discrimination!

The more we think about the whole bullshit “lgbt plus minus equals zero movement”, the more we are convinced that it is in fact bullshit. And we love the idea that no one can critisize them. It's like with Eskimos. You can't say anything bad about that tribe, unless you want to be brand “anti eskimo”

So when we are chosing people not based on the merit, but based on their form of satisfying th...