We need to write something but the head is empty...

It is raining like crazy here..

Got it!!!! Someone just called us assholes!!! Great topic!!

Let's explore!

So are we assholes or not... hmmm... that is the question...

We are assholes because:

we reply instant and to the point but with no sugar coating

if you ask for Mary and Kathy and we answer that Kathy is available, don't ask why Mary is not. You gave us 2 choices, one is available, If you wanted only one, why did you ask about two??? Who is an asshole now?

We are assholes because:

we never answer stupid questions like: who is better? Who is better looking? Did she have anybody already? WTF????? Who is an asshole now???

We are also assholes because we ban time wasters and retards:

“I never used you guys before so why am I banned????” because you contacted us 6 times already, asked the same fucking questions, never replied to many text messages, meaning there is no respect in your fucking head, hence we do not want to do business with you. That's why you're banned, so who is an asshole now?

Uuuuffff... enough of venting...

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