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Another "beautiful" day in Chiraq

Snowy monday in the middle of April. Classic. Sigh... Not only the Gov is messing up natural flow of things but now even Nature is throwing Her 5 Cents. Chicago escorts have to stay strong and stay together, especially in those crazy times. Please check our website for the most interested Chicago escorts.

Crazy Algos

Another beautiful day in a deranged and collapsing America. But this time we dont want to write about that. Well actually we do, but unfortunately we have to help boost our Loogle presence. We have to help those little bastards algorithms take us to the first page of the Evil Empire. At least for now until every funny and entertaining activity is banned by a Big (NOT) Brother.

So here we go, short piece about how Chicago escorts are the best in the Country. We dont even know if we can use that word anymore – escorts. Maybe its already a federal crime to even think about escorts in Chicago. Imagine all those agents happy go lucky about new, crazy laws giving them even more power that they already had. Mmmmmmmm.... dream come true!!!

Whos getting fu...d though? Just a normal,...

Quo Vadis America

Quo Vadis America?

Communists striked and won again.

It started like it always does. Slowly, certain ads after ads were banned under the pretext of “good intentions”, “fighting crime” and of course the main one, used soooooo many times - “it's for zee children”. Why at that time? Well, apparently one (1) unfortunate girl was made to put out the ads on BP and forced to work as a sex worker by some incredible evil people. Two others, apparently victims of a human trafficking sued BP but the lawsuit was thrown out.

In a normal world we would not have to say, that human trafficking is a horrible, horrible thing in any way, shape and form, but, unfortunately we live under the tyranny of Communism and have to explain to feeble minded people that we too are AGAINST...