Cocksucking parasites

Who you ask?

Fucking banks.

Just got our card declined twice today so we called them. Well... the card has been deactivated even though was valid till 2021 and last time we checked it was only 2019?!

Why it was declined we asked, well... third party had a problem with being fucking hacked and they said we should close your card so we did.

Why you fuckfaces didn't call? You always fucking call! For no apparent reason: “did you make this 12$ purchase sir/ma'am?”, “did you book the hotel in Tokyo for december 15th?”. Yes, you fucking dickheads! We did! Your algorithm should pick it up, since before booking the fucking hotel we purchased flight from ….. to Tokyo! But of course they contact you ONLY if their business is at stake, not when you might be in trouble because of their actions.

Ok, so one card down, one more to go at the same “bank”. We called to transfer the money to that card/account. Well, guess what? Hmmm... it seems that you haven't been using this account too often hence we froze it. Sigh....... you can't argue with stupid.

Basically when you use your card too often, you will be hacked and deactivated. If you use your card too rarely you will get deactivated as well. WTF?

Can you remind me why “WE” “BAIL” those cocksuckers out in 08?

I wish we didn't...

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