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First entry to the Chicago Escorts Hall of Fame

Our first entry to the Chicago Escorts Hall of Fame: Natalia

Amazing friend and an awesome Woman, who, unfortunately for all of us moved to the nicer location than Chicago.

We are pretty sure, were not the only ones missing Her!

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Almost "summer" in Chicago :-)))

That's how Chicago's downtown looked like on Saturday June 9th for an UFC event! So what the best solution for this "almost summer" blues is? Yep, you got it: see one of our lovely Chicago Escorts in a convenient downtown location. You can opt for an Escort at O'hare area or Oakbrook if you fancy free parking. New girls coming soon...

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Welcome to one of the oldest and most established Escort Agency in Chicago.

EceChicago is one of the handfull few Escort Agencies not changing name every six months.

EceChicago is one of the few not switching website every few weeks.

EceChicago is one of the few Escort Agencies using real photos.

EceChicago is the only one posting videos of the actual girls (wow!)

EceChicago is the only one working with girls exclusively, you dont see our Ladies available anywhere else.

We are the only Chicago Escort Agency actually meeting our prospective employees before we start working with them.


We are proud of our brand, we stand by our name and we dont bait and switch, hence we don't have to play hide and seek also - we just like the name EceCh...


I am god. I am writing this from the perspective of Zir, Hir or They (people who know – they know). I am not a woman nor a man. You dont know if I have kids or I dont. Dont hold it against me!


What the fuck happened? What happened to women? Who convinced them, that bringing new humans to this World is a bad thing. Nowadays not even bad, but worse! They are opressed by nature, biology, their own bodies and of course men, only because they have to breed, so to speak. Who masterminded the plan presenting motherhood as something evil, not cool, not necessary??

It started over a hundred years ago, this war on Marriage. Men are pigs, men beat women, men are drunks and idiots etc... To be a white man these days is a fucking pain... They are “responsible” for all atrocitie...

Death of a Miss America contest

Communists Empire Strikes Again

This time robbing women from their right to wear bikinis and night gowns.

You can not make this shit up anymore. Onion basically documents our era – they dont have to think about coming with some bullshit jokes. Jokes are written everyday by bent reality. Shaped by balls – less, soy eating boys, who happened to have a power, or feminists nazi (“nazi” - thinking about SS guard in a German camps).

Sad thing is, we do know where it leads:

In 15 years “Miss America” will consists of 25 (or whatever the number is) finalists wearing long, grey uniforms, covering their whole bodies with no make up. Make up was deemed illegal in 2025, because it was a tool of patriarchal opression women by men. Since viewership plummeted to almost zero 7 y...

Is it weekend yet?

Another stunner from Ece. Our former colleague - super blonde Madison. One of the best Chicago escorts. We wish She would come back!

Just some nice mental photo for the weekend, lol!

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Bum Wednesday!

Super cute bum Wednesday! This particular one belongs to Chicago escort Priscilla, who we hope will visit back soon!

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Why YOUR dog is MY problem???

Why? Oh... why the fuck do YOU make YOUR dog MY problem??? Why the fuck do I have to tolerate your shitting (didn't say shitty) "companion" everywhere???

Going to the store was fun. Nowadays those fucking communists destroyed even that!!! Soy boys and cunts with all kinds of breeds parading proudly with their "mental supporters". WTF...

Went shopping yesterday and made a mistake doing this around 5 or 6pm, when all those fuckers are crawling out of their apartments after work. The store looked like a fucking "dog walk out facility"

Animals in the store carrying food - what can go wrong? Why don't we just let them take their "babies" everywhere? Movie theater? Check! Hospital? Check! Why the fuck no??? Apparently dogs are like humans! If that is the case, it means that...

New Chicago escort Noelle. Super Blondie!

New member of our Team of Escorts in Chicago, Noelle starting today. She is a lovely super Blondish girl with a very interesting personality. With a minimum experience in the Game She makes a great addition to Chicago escorts at Ece.

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