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United Airlines shit hole

United Airlines

Why United Airlines hub in Newark is such a shit???

Toilets smell like... well - shit and are tiny as fuck. Going there is unhumane and undignifying experience.

Why american airplanes look more and more like old buses in the Third World countries? I didn't sign up for flying with dogs peeing on the floor, because their owner needs them for his/her/zir/zer “emotional support”. It's a slap in the face for the real disabled people: deaf, blind, with no limbs.

Unfortunately, since I have to pay my taxes to support fat people, lazy people and idiots and don't have enough money left for myself whenever I travel I get the cheapest fair possible, which means United this time. I got lucky, but my friend didn't. She had to sit arm to arm with “disabled” 40...


We are due for another SEO bs but our head is empty. Well we might utter few words after Joe Rogan's and Elon Musk podcast.

Not taking away from Mr. Musk things that he has done (with taxpayer help) but we have a couple of questions:

He said that the biggest obstacle in a drilling under LA is governement

But yet few sentences later he wants another governmental body to be established to control underground facilities

He is talking about global climate change, our carbon emissions etc... stuff that no one knows how to predict, no one knows what really the problem is and so on... And this is his excuse for ALL cars to be electric. Of course with the help of a governement.

It just doesn't compute with us. Strange...

And I thought a definition of the inno...

The pussy edition

Do you remember Tiger Woods?

Do you remember him fucking some chick who wasn't his wife? Probably yes, maybe no?

Who cares. 99% of people in his position would do and are doing the same. Girls are sluts and money/power is like a magnet to them. Fine, all good.

I was just thinking about his lost opportunity to make shitload of money back then and keep his honor. He apologized to everyone like a good pussy and blah blah blah... Lost his contacts with Nike and some other companies, the usual shit in America. But what he should have done was:

He should have approached Trojan – the condom maker!!! Can you imagine this perfect and brilliant ad???!!! Tiger Woods on national TV: “People cheat, that's the fact. I cheat, but when I cheat I do it with style - introducing br...

You can do it too!!!

You can do it too!

All you need is your perfect body and a good tattoo artist! Two major corporations: Audi and Mercedes are paying Lilly 10.000 american dollars every single month whenever She wears bikini or lingerie in a public spaces. And since She lives in Hawaii it's pretty much everyday. Incredible! This is an opportunity of the life time for all women and men wanting to show off their perfect bods. We have heard that if you tattoo your butt, the premiums are skyrocketing! Few ideas you can pitch to your local corporation: “In-N-Out Burger” tattooed between your thighs, or “B-eat more chikin” by Chick-fil-A you know where.

We think it's a great way to make some money in our post indutrial world where everything is propped up by our beloved FED.

File under Chicag...

Just a short announcement from Plato

Thought/quote of the day by Plato

“Wake me up when He “Mr.Trump “ abolishes IRS”

How did we get to this point? What point You ask? How did we get to the point that americans can not even dream about living their life without paying income tax? The bullshit saying: “there are only 2 certain things in life: death and taxes” is pissing me off so fucking badly.

In these days if you even hint about abolishing an income tax, sheep will look at you like: “what? And how would our Country survive surgery like this? How would we pay for all the welfare programs, military toys, bridges, unnecessary wars etc??”

We are in the realms of Copernicus and his heresies about Earth orbiting around the Sun.

And it's been only a 100 years. Only a hundred ye...

Gun owners vs dog owners

Dog owners vs gun owners

Dog owner:

regressive liberal (we are excluding of course hunting dogs of the gun owners, lol)

zero respect for the law (just go to any grocery store, restaurant or Neiman Marcus to see those fucking dogs everywhere)

his/her motto is: even if you dont like the dogs – you WILL like them and accept and tolerate them otherwise you are a bad person!

Gun owner

usually normal person/”conservative”

utmost respect for the law

his/her motto is: I do understand that you dont like guns and I will NOT impose my thoughts on you but I want you to do the same and let me keep my guns for my safety

Do you see the difference???

I wonder what kind of uproar that would be if I walked up the...



Psycho, liar, thief and all around cunt. So bingo!!!!

This is just a warning that psychos are amongst us

To agencies: do NOT ever hire this girl

To clients: you do NOT see her ever!!!! Unless you are a masochist

For more info you can contact us via email

File under Chicago escorts, escorts Chicago and always hiring!!!

Socialism - we will come for EVERYBODY!

We are lazy today, so this is just a short excerpt from a preface to Animal Farm from 1972. It reads like it was written yesterday. The truth is only one. That's why normal people sound boring after a while, because how many times can you tell the Idiots that the Sun is hot?

“These people don’t see that if you encourage totalitarian methods, the time may come when they will be used against you instead of for you. Make a habit of imprisoning Fascists without trial, and perhaps the process won’t stop at Fascists. Soon after the suppressed Daily Worker had been reinstated, I was lecturing to a workingmen’s college in South London. The audience were working-class and lower-middle class intellectuals — the same sort of audience that one used to meet at...

They will come for each one of us

I guess every sane person who really cares about freedom already knows/heard about Alex Jones and Co getting censored/banned from pretty much every major internet platform. Organized attack came few days ago from all sides: apple, google, even a fucking spotify! I wonder when they are gonna start banning songs with political nature/lyrics?

We got banned from Eros 3 years ago for nothing. After 12 or so years of business relationship one day we got an email with the last refund and that was it. No appeal, no explanation. Nothing. We got banned because girl working with us did something wrong. That's called social justice instead of just “regular” justice.

Got banned from YouTube few times. Instagram as soon as we got popular. Even Vimeo took down like 3 of our channels. Twitt...

End the FED deux

Mandatory reading!!!

If we want America back, this book should be compulsory/mandatory in every and each school of the Nation.

This amazing author and great Patriot – Alfred Owen Crozier wrote THE book: US Money vs Corporation Currency in 1912, one whole year before we got fucked by our idiot President, an asshole professor Woodrow Wilson. He is a perfect example that the school doesn't give one an intellect nor intelligence.

Book is short so anyone can read it quickly. Author sees the future and tells the reader what WILL happen if/when the FED system is implemented. First you think it's a science fiction story, but after few pages you realize it's 2018 now and this guy really predicted or better – he knew the future! An...