So I heard on the radio today, have to mention that it was a student station, one of the NPR college stations, where two, uninformed or ill-informed kids were talking about that atrocious “holiday” of white genociders horrible named “thanksgiving”. They were raving about how stupid Columbus was. Ha! I would love to see them embarking on that dangerous journey he did. No iPhones... No Lattes... Fuck!!! They were of course discussing why and what are we actually thankful for?? Little, ungrateful fucking brats I call them. The topic of their conversation was the same as every year: poor Indians (no no Indians, Native Americans) got killed by horrid, satanistic white men, blah, blah, blah. Well, tough shit. Get over it little cunts! Be thankful for what they did, because all you have comes from that.

But it got me thinking: if we (by “we” I mean conquistadors) were so tough and merciless, why the fuck it took us all the way to 1911 to get rid of the “red skins”??? 1911 is the last year in Wikipedia listed as a year of a “massacre”. So I dived into that and counted all, listed casualties from 1539 to 1911 in North America. 26.826 men, women and children died during “our bloody conquista”. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Indian_massacres#Pre-Columbian_era We are counting Indians, Europeans, settlers etc... It comes to 72 people a year. Not bad at all. How many people dies in Chicago nowadays?

Fun fact - when you search for above info Wikipedia says: Not to be confused with List of massacres in India.

So of course I clicked on the link and voila! Colonial (English rule) time in India 1857-1947 – casualties about 251.108... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_India Yes, more people there but still... The worst part of it is that English didn't even colonized that country and it is still a shithole!

Back to US. I have been told that Carl von Clausewitz once said: it is not the aggressor who is responsible for war, it is the weaker side of the conflict which is responsible for the carnage, since it “invited” the aggressor by being so defenseless. Apparently “Native Americans” came to Americas from Asia about 15 thousands years ago, so they had a bit of time to create a civilization. They didn't.

Are you crying over Aztecs, Mayas, Olmecs whenever you go on vacation to Central America??? Civilizations come and go. GET OVER IT!!!

Funny that in CCCP (USSR) schools taught kids how amazing the (communist) Country was, even though everyone new what kind of bullshit it was. Here schools are teaching how bad USofA is even though anybody with a brain cell knows what utter bullshit it is!

Again: all soy persons (trannies included) – GET OVER IT!!! WE WON!! You don't like it? You can blend with the crowd of the Migrant Caravan on the way south.

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