What happened to THIS guy???


Strange case of Interpol chief disappearing in the misty fog of Chinese smog.

Interpol can not find his own chief? Well ex chief? Very impressive organization we say it is then.

It's been months now and no one knows what happened, no one knows what's going on and it seems no one has the balls nor really wants to to ask Chinese wtf happened.

How is it possible that the head of international police is missing, sending some stupid tweets with a knife in it and no one gives a fuck, so it seems. At least we don't hear nor see anything in the media about it. Gone, puff!!! It's like head of FBI was missing and no one would even care. By “care” I mean officials wouldn't care. I don't give a damn about those assholes but if we are supposed to have any order in place, some investigation should be in order, shouldn't it be?

And where is the solidarity of the cops? I really don't see happening this in USA. Those guys here would fucking dig through the whole continent to find their boss (unless he was a dick!). But in communist Europe they are like: hmmm.... he's gone we guess.... well... c'est la vie... we have more important things to do: patrolling and policing internet and stuff that people put online, maybe?? Vide https://twitter.com/countdankulatv

And how come we don't know anything about his wife? Not that we care but you would think that the life and biography of the top cop should be public? We don't know her mandarin name, we don't know the name of her/their children etc. It took me 15 seconds to google this info about FBI head in US. I need to pee in the fucking cup to get a job as a cashier in Walmart but we don't and can't know jack shit about those assholes.

But most important thing is that this whole situation is telling us that so called official institutions are bullshit. Our whole world is controlled by what we call “deep state”. Our “democratic” institutions are for us to believe that we have any control over our lives and what's happening in the world. They push their agenda through and we are here just for a ride.

So is he dead? Still missing?

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