They will take every fucking square inch of an asfalt from us!!!

Why????? WWWWWHHHHHYYYYY?????? Who is behind it? Who is responsible??? Why are we letting them do it????

Every morning is different. Every morning in the car driving on the streets of the beautiful LA is different. Every morning is different because every morning the invisible hand (not of the market, that would be lovely) of the city administration is taking inches and inches of the roads we are using. Lanes grabbing, lanes indication changes, imaginary bike lanes, plastic sticks, flower pots???? WTF!!!!

Where the fuck traffic is supposed to go???? Are they really that retarded or “computer simulations indicated that if we reduce available space for the cars they will move faster”??????

Please someone explain this to me because my brain is too small.

Ohhh... We just found out that this practice is called: traffic calming. I am fucking totally calm right now!!!

Even though my brain is too small we are still and always #hiring!

#sugarbabies in #chicago. File under Chicago escorts, escorts Chicago and always hiring!