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We missed the train again. Apparently these days you don't look for escorts, you look for sugarbabies. Matter of semantics we guess. Although missing the train is not exact. We were on a few of those stupid, matchmaking websites for a couple or more months and we didn't even get 1 (one) girl out of them. They were either really stupid or really expensive, lol! And they actually didn't want to work! So lazy is another word we should add.

But now, since we are on all social media except dying FB we have to upgrade our vocabulary: so we are looking to hire as many #sugarbabies as we can handle!

If you are or want to be a #sugarbaby let us know! We are always #hiring! Ha ha ha!

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Migrant Caravan

“Migrant Caravan”

Sounds like a title of the romantic song. Well, it's not.

My small brain can not wrap around that situation. It just doesn't compute. How is it possible that the bunch of people gathers around and “decides” that they WANT to live in USA and it is their RIGHT to do so. It smells worse than Clinton's pussy.

Then they walk for days, breaking all the laws in the book and nothing happens to them??? No government seems to be able to stop them, no police, no army. They want to get to the paradise and nothing or no one will stop them. Well, I WANT my fucking Ferrari!!!! Ill go to the dealership today and throw the tantrum, let's see if that works for me.

So what's the story here? I guess we all know (at least those with a quarter of a brain) that someon...

Amber Alerts for the parents "kidnapping" their own kids.

Amber Alerts in regards of “parent(s) kidnapping their own child/children”

What the fuck is that? Where did it come from? Why the fuck do we have it???

Ohhhh.... IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN!!! Got it now! We can do anything immoral, we can past any retarded law just as long it is for the children, Silly me!

On paper of course it looks amazing and very emotional. Let's help everybody, everywhere and all of the times. In reality it's a fucked up solution for a real problem.

The last AA from yesterday was about mother taking her own child away from foster parents. All unknown to us circumstances aside, how the fuck is it even possible??? How can mother abduct her own child??? Oh yes, she can nowadays – “because all children are ours”, they belong to the community, a state...

Fucking drivers!!!

Fucking drivers

What happened? Why is it so scary to drive nowadays? Scary might not be a correct word. Tiresome? Aggravating? 90% of the drivers don't know what they are doing, they don't even realize they are on the PUBLIC and SHARED roads with others. Who cares when you are on BIRD? Who cares when you are on your super duper bike? You are the SHIT saving the environment and the whole fucking PLANET. The same goes for Prius and Tesla douchebags, what a fucking cunts driving BELOW speed limit chasing CO2 emissions.

Another story about narrowing the roads. We remember few years back when on Top Gear one of those asswipes responsible for state of the roads in GB said on national TV that NARROWING the lanes is better for traffic flow and speed of it.... Seriously. So why the f...


First Man?????? WTF???!!!

Just saw the movie. What the FUCK???!!!! How could they do it?????? Where is the equality and inclusivity?????!!!!!!!!!!!! First MAN?????? Fucking homophobes, transphobes, chauvinistic pigs and interspecies phobes!!!! What about wamen??

Movie is gooooooooddddd, music even better! Oh and there is one (1) frame with photoshopped american Flag!!!!! Good job fuckers!!!

Title should be: “First fill out the blank”

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SEO shill

SEO shill

Yep, the girl on the photo was for You to click on this article.

Another boring work. Writing a shill to bounce the numbers on “don't be evil” website. Do you remember that? When Loogle had that motto? It sounds fucking prophetic now. They become EVIL.

We tried to buy some ads on adwords. Million questions, phone numbers, credit cards details. Fuck that. As soon as we gave them our phone number ten advertisers called right away. People don't realize we are cows, sheeps and the end product for them.

As you may know by now our escorts are in Chicago downtown area, we have escorts at O'hare and Rosemont. Oakbrook and Schaumburg are good spots for our escorts as well.

We offer blonde escorts, brunettes escorts and sometimes red...

Fuck the rules

Now, when the dust settled down we can talk about what happened to Judge Kavanaugh. And it's not about Kavanaugh. It's about all other, small, regular people who got fucked by, or are getting fucked by “pound me too” witches and soyboys.

The “Left”, “Marxists” or just simply idiots – like I call them, want to destroy everything. They want to destroy our past, present and the future. We are in the midst of a Cultural War. Cultural war on every possible level. You can perfectly see it in media, all kinds of media that they control. We see it, they know what they are doing. Well at least some of them. Majority might really be that fucking stupid.

Have you seen Cock Norris:

You don't need my ID

No ID at the doctor's.

I tried to visit a doctor yesterday... Nothing fancy, just a pop in my ear. Ear fucking doctor! Not a nose job, nor my boobs! They declined to see me. Reason? I wouldn't show them my ID. Why would I? I was paying cash so it makes me a terrorist. I thought that the first responsibility of a doctor was to do no harm and help people saving their lives? I didn't know they were guardians for the government? I guess I was mistaken. What happened to Hippocratic Oath? Or do they pledge allegiance to .gov now and checking ID's is their only job?

I have been told that it is a law right now. Like in the hotel, before you check in you show ID. Where are the Democrats? They scream when the blacksies “can't” vote with NO ID, saying it's racist! They can not afford I...

Starfucks Coffee


How to get rid of all your clients showing the world that you care about them so much at the same time.

Remember that fuckface CEO of STRBCKS apologizing for nothing? Virtue signaling at its finest! They opened the stores to everybody: junkies, homeless, crazies. I guess something happened because at least one store I always go to changed its mind. They got rid of pretty much everybody. Especially hipsters sitting there for hours using their electricity and WiFi. How did they achieve that goal? Very fucking simple: they blocked all the electrical inlets, lmao!!!!! End of story. Buy the coffee and get the fuck out!!!!

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