Why do we need politicians?

Well - we don't! We don't need bunch of parasites who will let us live our lives. Nowadays we need a permit to live and breathe.

Do we need a profession called “politician”? No, we don't!

Politician for life? Wtf is that?

How is it that we ALWAYS have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils? I guess it is true what the biggest Champion of democracy said (Joseph Stalin): yes, it does matter who counts the votes, BUT it does matter even more if the choices of candidates before the election are done correctly, so no matter who is elected, the elections are won (by one of ours of course). Does it mean that we can never have a GOOD choice? Probably not, because those candidates are groomed from the early years or stages of their “careers”. Why NOBODY likes politicians? What did they do to deserve it?

And how many new laws do we need anyway? I thought we took care of it over 2000 years ago?

At the time of this writing zombie Pelosi became speaker of the house, AGAIN. Even after her daughter bragging about mother being capable to take your head off: https://tinyurl.com/y72usv9m

This is a disgrace...

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