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Grab her by the pu**y!

Groping by TSA

My friend went through the sexual harassment called TSA screening yesterday.

He/she was travelling from one of the worst if not worst right after Newark, airports in US. Most of our airports look like shit, but if the service was good we could turn blind eye to the structure/shops/restaurants...

She always opts out. Never goes through the microwave burner of your own body. All those fucking morons with hands up lining up like in Nazi Germany... What a view...

Anyway, she asked for an opt out and the male agent shouted “female assist!” which happens pretty much all the time for her now. Well since she is still a he and didn't want to be rude to them, she said: “well you might reconsider”. Guy took another look at her with blank look on his face. She...

No reason to have a gun

I was at the one of the american airports yesterday and didn't have a choice but overheard little conversation of two adult males I would like to say gentlemen, but meh... they werent...) from Australia going home after spending few, vacation days in Chicago (shitcago, chiraq etc...)

  • O my Gosh, I was staying in hotel downtown and we heard gun shots!!!
  • Oh yeah mate, this is a crazy, wild country
  • Yes it is. It makes you appreciate our (anti gun) laws in Australia
  • Definitely!!

I was half an inch from interrupting or joining this conversation but I didn't. Which I should have done. But when you see two apparently grown up men being happy and relieved that the .gov is taking care of them, making their little lives safe, the whole will trying to...

I told you so!!! They are here!

About Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Parafrazing words of one of my favourite political comentators: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an Idiot. Or she is posing as one hoping to gain a lot from it. Political power? Money? I dont know yet. Possible both? For now she is bathing in the showbiz limelight getting recognition she doesn't deserve. Who is paying for it?

Apparently Alexandria is a member of Democratic Socialists of America (side note – every immigrant before getting a citizenship has to swear that he/she isn't or wasn't a member of a socialist or communist party in their respective native countries, but here they allow those idiots to exist and run amok!) and her Party is:

“We are socialists because we reject an economic order based on private profit, alienated...

About the FED. Again. Few facts.

About the FED, again. Few facts.

“I am the president of the shadow government

The grand governor of the federal reserve

Public enemy of the society

The one you can not see”

Short and to the point.

FED created in 1913, right after that First World War started. Coincidence? What happened in Russia in 1917? All of this shit was and is possible thanks to the paper money procured out of the thin air.

We had 16 Governors between 1914 and now. Out of those 16, 6 are eskimos which makes it 37%. Eskimos make around 1.5% of a total USA population. Hmmmm.... do your math!! And I thought we were all about equality, all genders, all races, all religions welcome! I guess when it comes to that kind of money and power Eskimos are more equal than others.


About two Passports

My mind is blank so this time I will steal an idea from the politician I like. No point of giving out his name, you wouldnt know him anyway.

Few thoughts for the 4th of July

Story about two passports

Why don't We (and by WE I mean normal, rational thinking Americans, white, black, brown, yellow and blue) stop trying to convince the Idiots (by IDIOTS I mean the rest of the country) that our ideas are old, very old and they worked all of that time so we just have to stick to them. Why don't we stop the war and just ask the Idiots to let us live... Not leave the country but just let us be.

And we don't even have to divide the Country by two. No. Two different kinds of people can leave among themselves. You ask me how would it be possible? Simple:


Click me!

Another little story about how to become “first pager” on loogle. It takes a lot of writing or money. We prefer writing. Hand writing would be even better since it helps your brain. People dont realize how complicated for our brain is hand writing. That's why we lamented when we have found out that american schools stopped teaching cursive???!!! You teach calligraphy, like in the ancient times of the last Century or nowadays Japan. They know whats up. But why .gov would need informed Citizens?

Anyway, it is time to start using the keywords. And they are:

Chicago escorts

Escorts Chicago

Escorts in Chicago

Escorts downtown

O'hare escorts

Schaumburg escorts

Sexy escorts

Blondes escorts

Asian escorts

European escorts



I am not a traffiker, now show me your card and face!

Some people are really nuts! We came across that advertising site which growth was almost instantaneous after other sites got kind of spooked 2 months ago. From a mere 200 ads it went on to 1700 in a few days. Girls flowed there like a river looking for a new ways to get to the Ocean. No brainer, they found a path of the least resistance. Website was great for about 2 weeks, easy to navigate, easy to pay etc... but after that something happened.

They started asking for photos showing that you have a credit card you used as a payment in your possesion. I hope Amazon implements this idea. Brilliant!!! That wasn't all: after you sent your photos holding the card, they asked you – wait for it – to record short video showing y...

How did it work out for you??? Assholes.


Does anyone even remember those two???

It's been only 2 months since fucking idiots politicians voted on FOSTA and SESTA and no one remembers that monstrosity nor no one really cares!!!

Website are up and running, just with a different appendix after a dot. Some of them changed the names and it's business as usuall. That is what happenes when .gov tries to meddle with a free market. Side not: we didn't even notice until recently that CL personal section is gone!!! What a fucking morons!!!

If police dooesn't have anything to do we have a few names they can go after: remember Jon Corzine? What about the whole Clinton clan? What about Lynch? Comey? What about that cunt from IRS who was targeting Tea party groups???

We are talking about “zee Rus...

End the FED

About Federal Reserve

Short and sweet: that enterprise must be END, ABOLISHED, PERISHED FROM EXISTENCE.

FED's charter must NOT be renewed again. We had a chance in 2013 and of course we blew it!!!

Forget about wars, dems vs reps, gay, 72 genders, pay gap and all other bullshit distractions. We “can” afford to do this shit (actually not anymore, but hey, we will not have to pay our bills right? Our kids do!!!) only because of the paper, worthless money produced out of the thin air by a bunch of eskimos! You know who you are!

File under Chicago escorts, escorts Chicago and always hiring!

What happened to Banks?


What the fuck happened to the Banks???

We tried to deposit some cash into friend's account this morning. Not a lot, just 200 fucking dollars. To the most fucking corrupt bank in US – Wells Fargo. Well guess what? They “don't accept cash anymore”. In Chase you can't even make a deposit if you don't have account with those mother fucking assholes!! So for example if my sister living in a different state has an emergency and is asking me for the money I can't help her without opening the fucking account with those cunts.

Of course they implemented this shit like the communists always implement shit: boil the fucking frog. You can deposit cash, you can deposit cash but only to a certaing limit, you can't deposit any cash, you can deposit blank money order, you can de...