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Do not call!

New people! Calling is bad. Calling is really bad.

Telecommunication gods gave us texting so use it!!!

What if I'm with family? What if I'm busy? What if I'm with people? What if I'm showering? Etc.... etc...


It's so 1993!

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Always Hiring!

We are always hiring Ladies. Just a friendly reminder before the busy weekend!

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When Democrats were normal people...

When the Democrats were normal people...

We can only dream about the lost days of sanity. Democrats had IQ over 85 and actually cared about America. Lost are the days of sane men coming up with sane legislations...

Just ready the photo...

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Strange case of minimum wage. No, not really

The case for minimum wage. No, not really

I, the big politican in Chicago stipulate imposing a minimum wage on all escort services. Those poor women, working hard in a heavy rain or even harder in a heavier snow should make livable, humane hourly wage. I say make it 400 american dollars for 1 hour of incall and 500 american dollars for 1 hour of their outcalls. That should show the whole world that we care about them, that America is a rich Country and we will not tolerate poverty!

Who cares that no one will afford those services after that. Who cares that companies will have to hire illegaly, “under the table” going more “underground”. Who cares that many businesses will go bankrupt and girls will lose their livelihood. Who cares!

The most important thing is that on T...

Abolish ICE, LOL!!!!


Anybody remembers Occupy Wall Street? I am all for that but you won't achieve any progress if you are promoting communism over capitalism! Morons. We just heard that one can not use the word RETARD anymore, you have to say R-word, lmao!!!!!! So we will use morons.

How stupid those kids are? I am using word “kids” as a derogatory term here, meaning: even if those idiots are over the age of 18 and more, they are no more than bunch of (retarded, lol) kids with an IQ of a California dog. California dog, for those who don't know is a dog who has the same rights as humans there. No kidding. You can see them everywhere – shopping, grocery stores, restaurant etc...

I guess legalization of marijuana took its toll already on the brains of the youth. Because you really...

Fuck the law

San Francisco is leading the Nation into the bright future as the most progressive city of them all.

They have homeless, shit on the streets, needles everywhere and the street cars! How lovely!

Now some fucker intoduced the legislation allowing non citizens to vote in a local elections.

Again, let it sink in...


Of course they argue those are “only” votes for Board of Education members but the foot is in the doorstep. Again the same MO. Allow them to have a bite of your finger and they will take your arm away. It barely passed the vote 54-46, democracy is great isn't it!! It confirms my theory about 2 Americas – sane and democratic. We should split the Country in two (sounds familiar) and let sane people do their thing and the democrats do... well...



Lovely Lauren Southern is in Australia at this moment on a little speaking tour and she just made another video, we believe near some university campus. While watching it we couldn't not see a poster saying: “why you should be a socialist” (frame from the video included).

Presented with no comment...

File under Chicago escorts, escorts Chicago and always hiring!

Another idiot


It means Universal Basic Income...

Let it sink in...

That fucker, by the way bearing real american name: Ameya Pawar, wants to give some randomly chosen/priviliged people 500$ a month with no strings attached.

What can go wrong??

Of course ideas like this one are the trial balloons poping up in a different countries every few moths and their job is to make society accustomed to those idiotic thoughts that you can fight “poverty” by giving people money for doing nothing!

Especially in such a bankrupt state as Illinois.

And the reason for UBI this asshole is citing is? “dwindling jobs due to automation”.

I don't fucking see robots everywhere! Maybe he saw them in India? Driving fucking rikshas?

Again – this is nothing but a PR stun...



Is America still first world country???

I dont think so.



Two tier justice system

All rules and regulations

No rule of law

And finally those pesky checkpoints!

Was in a taxi last night and all of the sudden we got stuck in a parking lot kind of traffic with no apparent reason since it was late.

“Wtf is going on?” driver used his words very carefully

Wtf was going on was illegal, unconstitutional checkpoint, of course for your own good! Meaning? Sobriety fucking checkpoint!!!

I don't have a time to explain morons who are for this shit. You should know it is WRONG!!! Period. What if my wife is in labor and we are on our way to the hospital? What if my husband has a heart attack in the car??...