I am not a traffiker, now show me your card and face!

Some people are really nuts! We came across that advertising site which growth was almost instantaneous after other sites got kind of spooked 2 months ago. From a mere 200 ads it went on to 1700 in a few days. Girls flowed there like a river looking for a new ways to get to the Ocean. No brainer, they found a path of the least resistance. Website was great for about 2 weeks, easy to navigate, easy to pay etc... but after that something happened.

They started asking for photos showing that you have a credit card you used as a payment in your possesion. I hope Amazon implements this idea. Brilliant!!! That wasn't all: after you sent your photos holding the card, they asked you – wait for it – to record short video showing yourself saying these words: “I am over 21 years old and I am NOT a human traffiker”.

Again, I would suggest that Amazon makes that kind of videos mandatory to everybody who buys: knives, car batteries, hammers, bows etc.... Everybody records the videos: “I am not a murdered, just need a knife for my kitchen, need a hammer for my house, need a car battery for my car....” and they lived happily ever after!!!

Do we have to mention that the number of ads went down from the 1700 at the height of their popularity to 700. I wonder why???

File under Chicago escorts, escorts Chicago and always hiring!!