About the FED, again. Few facts.

“I am the president of the shadow government

The grand governor of the federal reserve

Public enemy of the society

The one you can not see”

Short and to the point.

FED created in 1913, right after that First World War started. Coincidence? What happened in Russia in 1917? All of this shit was and is possible thanks to the paper money procured out of the thin air.

We had 16 Governors between 1914 and now. Out of those 16, 6 are eskimos which makes it 37%. Eskimos make around 1.5% of a total USA population. Hmmmm.... do your math!! And I thought we were all about equality, all genders, all races, all religions welcome! I guess when it comes to that kind of money and power Eskimos are more equal than others.

But you know what? I wouldnt even mind them if they were wracking havoc around the world but leaving people here alone! You don't shit where you eat. Dont fuck us up with ton of taxes and regulations. Take it somewhere else. Unfortunately they are dragging us down.

I'm bored

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