My mind is blank so this time I will steal an idea from the politician I like. No point of giving out his name, you wouldnt know him anyway.

Few thoughts for the 4th of July

Story about two passports

Why don't We (and by WE I mean normal, rational thinking Americans, white, black, brown, yellow and blue) stop trying to convince the Idiots (by IDIOTS I mean the rest of the country) that our ideas are old, very old and they worked all of that time so we just have to stick to them. Why don't we stop the war and just ask the Idiots to let us live... Not leave the country but just let us be.

And we don't even have to divide the Country by two. No. Two different kinds of people can leave among themselves. You ask me how would it be possible? Simple:

There would be 2 different kinds of Id's, Passport or whatever you wanna call it

Traditional dark blue for Idiots – statists. They can pay even 100% of income tax if the wish, they can send their kids to public schools, where they can be indoctrinated by LGBT etc... pedos and homos, they can believe in a “free” public health care, “free” education and all those modern superstitions.

We on the other hand would have our “Don't tread on me” Passports.

We would not have to pay income taxes, we would not have to confess to the .gov how much money we made, how much money we have, where did that money come from. We would not have to bake a cake for pedos and homos, nor would have to tolerate the “minorities” whatever the fuck that means. We would not have to pay mandatory insurances, we would not have to wear seat belts, we would not have to buy health insurance for our employees and so on.... We would not have to do million and one mandatory things that we have to do now. Sounds amazing right? Yes it does, but only for the people who cherish FREEDOM. Freedom is hard. Freedom means making dozens, hundreds of little choices every day, which could be exhausting. Should I buy this insurance or the more expensive one? Should I even buy the insurance at all? Idiots will say: “oh yeah if we let you do it, none of you would buy the insurance”. Really??? Why do you think like that? Oh I forgot – you believe in only one thing – the government and its power. I guess if we let 300 millions of American have guns we will have a war on the streets the next day. Fucking IDIOTS!

Of course we would not have any services for free. We would pay for our education on the free market. We would pay for our health care and I would even agree to pay more on the gas station to use the roads, since we wouldnt pay income tax. Fucking easy to do.

They would say that this system would not be possible. That would be hard, two Passports very confusing? How many credit cards do you have now? How many different bank cards do you have? Different is good, differnet is awesome! Why do you like going to Europe? Because every 200 miles you have different language, food and culture. Duh!! Well at least you used to have, now it's all muslims and “refugees” from”Syria”.

Of course we would have chaos for a short period of time but after that WE would flourish! IDIOTS would die off or really quick changed their mind about their beloved socialism.

Good example of the tribe hiding in a plain sight are Eskimos. They have been living their lives, using their internal laws and “court system with judges” for a hundred of years and they are ruling over America now.

Think about it. It would be so amazing living as a free man!

Happy 4th!

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