Groping by TSA

My friend went through the sexual harassment called TSA screening yesterday.

He/she was travelling from one of the worst if not worst right after Newark, airports in US. Most of our airports look like shit, but if the service was good we could turn blind eye to the structure/shops/restaurants...

She always opts out. Never goes through the microwave burner of your own body. All those fucking morons with hands up lining up like in Nazi Germany... What a view...

Anyway, she asked for an opt out and the male agent shouted “female assist!” which happens pretty much all the time for her now. Well since she is still a he and didn't want to be rude to them, she said: “well you might reconsider”. Guy took another look at her with blank look on his face. She said she doesn't mind if it's a male or female assist, as long as it is quick and as painless as possible.

That was her mistake, pedo took advantage of the situation and grabbed her by her/his pussy/dick. It was some serious pat down. Even though she was wearing only sweat pants and just a tshirt TSA goon felt her whole body focusing on her/his groin.

When she finally said something about it they just said: do you want to speak to the supervisor? Fucking drones. “Im just doing my job” doesn't fly anymore. Fuckers opening the doors to the gas chambers were doing exactly the same – doing their “job”

No need to say that the next time she is going for a female assist!!!!

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