I was at the one of the american airports yesterday and didn't have a choice but overheard little conversation of two adult males I would like to say gentlemen, but meh... they werent...) from Australia going home after spending few, vacation days in Chicago (shitcago, chiraq etc...)

  • O my Gosh, I was staying in hotel downtown and we heard gun shots!!!
  • Oh yeah mate, this is a crazy, wild country
  • Yes it is. It makes you appreciate our (anti gun) laws in Australia
  • Definitely!!

I was half an inch from interrupting or joining this conversation but I didn't. Which I should have done. But when you see two apparently grown up men being happy and relieved that the .gov is taking care of them, making their little lives safe, the whole will trying to explain them how wrong/stupid and slaved they are dissapears...

I guess we will hear more stories like the one below in not so distant future:

Two englishman talking: did you hear the story?? This guy cut his finger chopping the onion in America! Ohh!! It makes you appreciate our laws banning sharp knives!

Not funny anymore right?

File under Chicago escorts, escorts Chicago and always hiring!