Another little story about how to become “first pager” on loogle. It takes a lot of writing or money. We prefer writing. Hand writing would be even better since it helps your brain. People dont realize how complicated for our brain is hand writing. That's why we lamented when we have found out that american schools stopped teaching cursive???!!! You teach calligraphy, like in the ancient times of the last Century or nowadays Japan. They know whats up. But why .gov would need informed Citizens?

Anyway, it is time to start using the keywords. And they are:

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You got the idea...

Now we have to build some bs sentences containing those words. It's like 5th grade all over again, lol!

Let's go to work!

Based on the scientific papers sponsored by University of Chicago and published by prof. Julianna Dickhead, percentage of Blonde escorts in a population of the total Chicago escorts pool is a mere 35. Majority of escorts in Chicago have mixed roots resulting in brown hair and olive skin. That is the reason why european escorts are in such a high demand throughout the whole year. Even during the winter which historically was the time of them hibernating in Miami or LA because of the weather. Good chunk of Chicago escorts comes from Asia. Those little, tiny bodies are perfect for cuddling and performing house chores.

Geographically speaking majority of the Chicago escort business used to be downtown, but after getting rid of the almost all parking spaces and selling remaining ones to the highest bidder by the always corrupted Democratic administration of City of Chicago, customers moved to the suburbs. Lesser traffic and lower prices of parking make it way easier to see an escort.

That's why EceChicago has escorts in Oakbrook, we have Schaumburg escorts and of course escorts at O'hare, although clients started complaining about that piece of land as well.

Traffic cameras don't help either. We noticed that the traffic in Chicago is equal or even worse than the traffic of Los Angeles. People are driving way below the speed limit, being afraid of the ticket, which can be issued to pretty much anybody by imaginary computer. We are slaves but that is another topic.

Well that's about it for now. We are out of ideas. The hot girl you have seen was there only for you to click on this link!

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