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Perfect Enemy

So it finally happened...

THEY finally found a perfect, invisible enemy of all mankind. An enemy that we can't hide from no matter where in the world we would go. 

ISIS wasn't enough to give THEM more power and control.

It is better than a fucking asteroid! Goebbels would be proud AF!

How do we know we are not getting played? THEY can tell us anything they want. 100 dead, 3500 dead, maybe 6 millions? We heard that before - it is just a nice, round number.

Is it real? Or is it just a seasonal flu? Why didn't we have that mass hysteria during Swineflu, SARS, H1N1? 

Since it was said that H1N1 "is associated with the 1918 outbreak known as the Spanish flu" via WIKI. Fuck! No one panicked back then. Oh: "this time it's different"

I will s...

So WAR then

So WAR then

“He was responsible directly or indirectly for millions of deaths”


“Iraq has WMD” 2003


If we had stopped Hitler 15 years before we would save millions of lives. “Man of the year 1938”...

Stalin didn't do nuffin?


“Iraq is behind 911” 2001


“They will have an atomic bomb in months time” 2007


“We didn't know anything about Pearl Harbor plans” 1941

What happened to USS Liberty?


Our friends and allies, heh?

This is NOT America WAR

Remember: ” WAR is a racket” 1935

Eskimos attack again!

Have you heard about this US governmental office?:

Well, probably not. Why would you, right? Another office with another asshole .gov robot.

Everyone heard about Paypal banning people for no reason. We just heard about someone getting banned from Western Union!!! So this office was created to ban the whole countries. Pretty extensive powers you would say, right? To ban the whole country from international trade because of X, Y or some other bullshit. Of course, as usual it sounds amazing: “Terrorism and Fi...

Fucktards of America

So how is Uber helping the environment?

We went out the other night. When the club was about to close the sea of drunken cheap fucktards crawled out from it with their eyes glued to their “stupidphones”. Everyone was summoning uber, lyft or “not so selfed driven” Tesla. And then it hit us: traffic was unbearable. Why? Well instead of the row of taxis patiently waiting for the passengers we had myriad of cars bouncing around the intersection we stand near. No one knew what was going on, neither drivers nor the clients knew who is to pick up who. Complete chaos. Complete waste of time, resources, gas, electricity and of course huge CO2 emissions!!!!

Progressive fucktards - you have to decide: either you want to keep your present standard of living or after the “Big and inevita...

Shut the fuck up goyim and pay your taxes!!!

So they closed Backpage, Craigslist had to close the personal section, Backpage executives were dragged through the mud because 1 (one) 15 year old girl who ran away from her home was “forced” to put the ads on Backpage. But ABC is all OK squashing and suppressing the BIG story about the “suicidal” pedophile Epstein for 3 years???

Not even mentioning Epstein running a fucking underage sex trafficking ring for so long???

Instead they target Backpage???????????????? For what???? And the worst part is the fucking imbecile people clap and agree with that???? “Oh, I feel so safe now since the Backpage has been taken down”. Fucking moronic fucktards. No other words to describe the idiots.

Is FBI gonna get involved finally? Are they gonna move their fucking asses or it is eas...

Genesis "The Book of Miracles"

Genesis - “Book of Miracles”

On the 8th day of the week God said to Jesus:

“Son, go on and descent on The New Sodom and Gomorrah. You know that place the natives call Washington DC these days. Talk to #45 and ask him if he wants to be remembered by History and the (shee)people. There are few, very simple ways to do it. Only if he wants to”

“But, Father, do you think that Orange Man has the strength in him to do it? After all the snake tribe is all over him?”

“Son, we always give mortals the choice. It will be his choice to fade away or become the Greatest Orange America has ever seen”

“Ok Father, I shall talk to him in Oral Office then. Let's see if his intentions are noble and the will strong.”

Thus Jesus embarked on the short t...

Clients in 2019...

Clients in 2004

“Yeah, sure Ill be there in an hour. Ill call you from the cab/Ill let you when I park”

Clients in 2019

"Can I see her in 15 minutes?"

“Is location IN THE LOOP? Like in 3 block radius?”

“Oh, no that's way too far! Michigan ave? Are you nuts?”

“Where should/could I park?” It's a fucking downtown. Street? Garage? Should we wash your car as well?

“Is there electric car parking space?”. Fuck off

“No. I can't go there. I'm on my bicycle” God help us...

It used to take me 45 fucking minutes to WALK from 1200 north block to south Loop. With a fucking stroller. In the winter time.

Don't be a fucking hipster kid. Grow up.

Few thoughts Ms. Blaire!

Ms Blaire

Regarding your awesome video:

We love you and your work, but you have to admit that “jessica yaniv” is a smart (and manipulative) man. Smart in that sense that he knows he can game the system. We are not talking about him having “illegal” weapons or something frivolous like that. We are talking about topless parties for minors, putting businesses out of work, visiting ladies restrooms to voyeur on underage girls and so on...

So the question is - whose fault is this? His? No – the fault is ours.

It's our fault we let “the system” became so fucked up. It is a fault of all people who didn't lift the finger when one after another crazy laws...

End the IRS. Its about time.


It took us four days to finally get through to somebody in IRS. There are only two worse governmental companies: Microsoft and Google. You can't call them at all, lol.

Four fucking days!!! How many of us lost this time on such an endeavor unproductively?? How many men hours (sorry people hours) are lost in the scale of the whole Country? And why??

You say “not enough money” for all the programs? Well... cut the fucking programs then! Get rid of SNAP and other bullshit.

Why don't we just finally abolish IRS. Country was great before that and it can be great after we get rid of that cancer. If it was implemented it means that if enough people start thinking and demanding it, we can end the IRS terror reign.

There is no single reason to keep it. The only r...

JSX the best airlines in the whole WORLD!

The beauty of an actual Capitalism

Three days ago we booked short flight on Private jets for about 30 passengers. We booked it three hours before the flight, for the price which was lower than commercial on the same route. Unfortunately one hour later situation changed and we had to CANCEL the trip. So of course with a heavy heart we dialed the 800 435 9579 number knowing whats gonna happen next...

In our dreams we were hoping for a credit towards the future travel. Refund was out of the question, obviously. Who didn't experience american airlines? Not talking about AA, but american airlines as a whole. They own our skies thanks to the .gov intervention, that's why flying domestic is a fucking shitty jok...