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Another little story about how to become “first pager” on loogle. It takes a lot of writing or money. We prefer writing. Hand writing would be even better since it helps your brain. People dont realize how complicated for our brain is hand writing. That's why we lamented when we have found out that american schools stopped teaching cursive???!!! You teach calligraphy, like in the ancient times of the last Century or nowadays Japan. They know whats up. But why .gov would need informed Citizens?

Anyway, it is time to start using the keywords. And they are:

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I am not a traffiker, now show me your card and face!

Some people are really nuts! We came across that advertising site which growth was almost instantaneous after other sites got kind of spooked 2 months ago. From a mere 200 ads it went on to 1700 in a few days. Girls flowed there like a river looking for a new ways to get to the Ocean. No brainer, they found a path of the least resistance. Website was great for about 2 weeks, easy to navigate, easy to pay etc... but after that something happened.

They started asking for photos showing that you have a credit card you used as a payment in your possesion. I hope Amazon implements this idea. Brilliant!!! That wasn't all: after you sent your photos holding the card, they asked you – wait for it – to record short video showing y...

How did it work out for you??? Assholes.


Does anyone even remember those two???

It's been only 2 months since fucking idiots politicians voted on FOSTA and SESTA and no one remembers that monstrosity nor no one really cares!!!

Website are up and running, just with a different appendix after a dot. Some of them changed the names and it's business as usuall. That is what happenes when .gov tries to meddle with a free market. Side not: we didn't even notice until recently that CL personal section is gone!!! What a fucking morons!!!

If police dooesn't have anything to do we have a few names they can go after: remember Jon Corzine? What about the whole Clinton clan? What about Lynch? Comey? What about that cunt from IRS who was targeting Tea party groups???

We are talking about “zee Rus...

End the FED

About Federal Reserve

Short and sweet: that enterprise must be END, ABOLISHED, PERISHED FROM EXISTENCE.

FED's charter must NOT be renewed again. We had a chance in 2013 and of course we blew it!!!

Forget about wars, dems vs reps, gay, 72 genders, pay gap and all other bullshit distractions. We “can” afford to do this shit (actually not anymore, but hey, we will not have to pay our bills right? Our kids do!!!) only because of the paper, worthless money produced out of the thin air by a bunch of eskimos! You know who you are!

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What happened to Banks?


What the fuck happened to the Banks???

We tried to deposit some cash into friend's account this morning. Not a lot, just 200 fucking dollars. To the most fucking corrupt bank in US – Wells Fargo. Well guess what? They “don't accept cash anymore”. In Chase you can't even make a deposit if you don't have account with those mother fucking assholes!! So for example if my sister living in a different state has an emergency and is asking me for the money I can't help her without opening the fucking account with those cunts.

Of course they implemented this shit like the communists always implement shit: boil the fucking frog. You can deposit cash, you can deposit cash but only to a certaing limit, you can't deposit any cash, you can deposit blank money order, you can de...

Panties edition. A survey

Monday survey for all of You:

What kind of photos do you prefer?

  1. Total pro?
  2. Ours, lol (semi pro, just a touch of photoshop)
  3. amateur selfies?

Let us know so we know what to do! Please!

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What happened to separate bedrooms?

Who came up with the idea for married couple to sleep in the same bed??? When did this happen? What happened to separate bedrooms? This peasant idea is horrible and we are sure is responsible for many of the devorces.

Imagine how beautiful it was when the spouses were saying good night going to their bedrooms:

first it helped and sustained the love life/romance

second, you could fart whenever you wanted

and third, you could get good night of sleep!!! Which is the most important thing in life after food! If you are tired all the time, you cant perform at the peak of your possibilities and your health is declining.

fourth, it is just so socialist sharing the bed

What about those inhumane bathroom stalls! What happened to a normal, closed off bathroom???...

Rip off Agencies

Why people even use those weird Agencies who solely rely on CC, new clients and dont even provide the rates? Or that stupid “we are a team/collective of indepenedent providers...” blah blah blah, even though everybody knows it is an agency!

Another good one is: we are not objects but humans, hence we dont post any prices. Really?

You dont post prices because you want to rip cients off!!! Hahahaha!!!

It's like going to the store where there are no prices and negotiating with the owner, someone will pay 300 someone 600 etc...

Fake pics, lots of them, including famous tranny posing as a hot blonde, lmao!!! One girl working as a Katie, Marylin, Sylvia and three other different names.

But somehow those agencies stay on the market??

Are our customers that u...

Tattoos matter

Tattoos matter. It is a matter of fact. Even though some of you might like them and MSM along with majority of “artists” - musicians, sportsmen and all other entertainers are telling you it is a good thing to get tattoo, in our business it makes Ladies less desirable. Wonder why?

Our private opinion is, tattoos suck! In 15 years in the industry we have seen one girl who wore them pretty and confident. The rest was meh...

Girls - think thrice before you put this ink on your beautiful skin!!!

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New article from 2039

Our first transsexual President born in Mexico made it absolutely clear that driving at night is a barbaric relict of the past, not align with our progressive future so making it illegal since it is the main problem of road accidents (pardon me: incidents) after the sunset. Thats why CONgress of 2038 passed very warmed welcomed law making driving between the sundown and a sunrise punishable by up to 10 years in prison and 250.000 of new Dollars (new dollar was needed after “old dollar” lost its world reserve status, caused by FED printing, which collapsed the eCONomy). New law reduced the rate of deaths to zero. That awesomeness was achieved also by making it mandatory to use the breathalyzer before each engine start. People were stunned knowing that for the last 150 or so years humans...