Ms Blaire

Regarding your awesome video:

We love you and your work, but you have to admit that “jessica yaniv” is a smart (and manipulative) man. Smart in that sense that he knows he can game the system. We are not talking about him having “illegal” weapons or something frivolous like that. We are talking about topless parties for minors, putting businesses out of work, visiting ladies restrooms to voyeur on underage girls and so on...

So the question is - whose fault is this? His? No – the fault is ours.

It's our fault we let “the system” became so fucked up. It is a fault of all people who didn't lift the finger when one after another crazy laws were being passed. For example Jordan Peterson was warning us against Bill C 16.

Unfortunately in “democracy”, we could pass the law forbidding wearing jeans on tuesdays. It would have as much sense as those laws being implemented in Canada nowadays.

“They” went even further. Remember Lauren Southern “changing” her gender with no problems even though she went to do it looking like she is always looking – hot, blonde chick.

or shorter, just over 1 minute video for very impatient here

Quick summary of the videos - governmental drone doesn't even blink: “ oh you want to change your gender from F to M? No problem.” We are accomplice in the “Crime” of bending the reality. We are enabling those crazies live out their fantasies. It's all our fault.

When we let establish idiotic laws – like aforementioned - “you can't wear jeans on tuesdays”, we will get idiotic results.

He is gaming the system, but who votes for that system in the first place? Why that joke of the man, errr... sorry, person Justine Trudeau is in power? Canadian fucktards voting for another fucktards who put those retarded laws in the place.

The guy we are talking about (let's not mention his name any longer) is a complete fascist in the worst meaning of this word. Fascism is - everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state. He will use the state and its laws for his personal gain/satisfaction. No matter how idiotic or damaging those laws are towards the rest of the society. He loves the state. The more authoritarian the state is the better.

It's very troubling that he ended up being arrested for having a taser, but not being a pedophile. Because in the light of canadian laws he is not. He is a perfectly sane woman. With periods!

He is a sociopath basking in the lights of media attention, as you said we shouldn't give him a platform however on the other hand he should be exposed and brought to Justice, but what justice? If he really didn't break any canadian “laws”?