So it finally happened...

THEY finally found a perfect, invisible enemy of all mankind. An enemy that we can't hide from no matter where in the world we would go. 

ISIS wasn't enough to give THEM more power and control.

It is better than a fucking asteroid! Goebbels would be proud AF!

How do we know we are not getting played? THEY can tell us anything they want. 100 dead, 3500 dead, maybe 6 millions? We heard that before - it is just a nice, round number.

Is it real? Or is it just a seasonal flu? Why didn't we have that mass hysteria during Swineflu, SARS, H1N1? 

Since it was said that H1N1 "is associated with the 1918 outbreak known as the Spanish flu" via WIKI. Fuck! No one panicked back then. Oh: "this time it's different"

I will spare all the numbers about flu, tuberculosis, car accidents, food poisonings etc... 95% of idiots wouldn't understand them anyway.

If this is the end of the world why gold is getting hammered?

FED was thinking about cutting rates to zero for quite some time, so this situation is manna sent from Heaven.

So why now? Someone is checking how easy it is to control masses? How fucking retared are we? And it seems that we are retarded as fucking fuck!!!

Empty shelves, people flocking to .gov for advice and salvation. FED cutting rates to ZERO, flooding the market with "liquidity" aka inflation. 

From NYTimes:" The Fed also eliminated a requirement that banks stash a certain level of reserves — essentially customer deposits". In plain english it means that fractional system

which required banks to hold on to 10% of customers deposits now stands at... zero! They can loan out 100% of what you deposit. What can go wrong?

Ok, there is a flu/virus/whatever - so what?

Life is not the highest priority/value in life - freedom is. Would you take 15 years in prison or 10 years being free?

You would take russian roulette odds if you had to.

My colleague pilot had 3 engine failures in only 5000 hrs in the air. Do you think he is hiding scared in his basement? no, he is flying everyday. 

700 billions, 850 and now we are hearing about 1.2 trillion (!) dollars "help" package for "Americans". One of the chosen ones just said that if we don't 

push it through Congress NOW, 33 millions will be out of the job and 1929 will look like a picnic. It is a deja vu...

Schools closed till April 20th??? Why not till the end of this school year. Kids don't learn anything there anyway. 

Teachers were all in favour and thrilled. Of course they were - free for them (paid by us) vacation!!!! Duh!!!

Private businesses told to close down. Bars, cinemas, restaurants... Don't tell me this exercise is not about CONTROL. It is ALL about control.

And stop it with this "state of emergency" bullshit. What is a state of emergency? We do understand and agree that there is a need for a set of rules triggered when there IS an emergency. 

War, 3 nuclear devices heading our way, zombies on the streets and so on. 

But once we start using that "state of emergency" gimmick for a snow in july or a bunch of robberies downtown, we are reaching the sloppery slope from which there is no turning back. 

Remember: the aim of the government is to GROW, like a cancer. Parasite.

Unfortunately even "conservative" or reasonable thinking people we used to follow started to spew the same narrative as CNN and Co. 

Twitter assault: "coronaflu updates" every 5 mins, fear mongering, panic building bullshit...They failed us completely. 

Their trustworthness reached zero in our eyes now. We guess it is all about clicks on the Net these days.

So who benefits from it?

The usuall suspects: politicians, the same politicians who created or at least helped create the problem and... banks...

Because WE HAVE TO KEEP LIQUIDITY OF THE MARKETS AT ALL COSTS!!! Otherwise people would finally see that the Emperor has no clothes.