So they closed Backpage, Craigslist had to close the personal section, Backpage executives were dragged through the mud because 1 (one) 15 year old girl who ran away from her home was “forced” to put the ads on Backpage. But ABC is all OK squashing and suppressing the BIG story about the “suicidal” pedophile Epstein for 3 years???

Not even mentioning Epstein running a fucking underage sex trafficking ring for so long???

Instead they target Backpage???????????????? For what???? And the worst part is the fucking imbecile people clap and agree with that???? “Oh, I feel so safe now since the Backpage has been taken down”. Fucking moronic fucktards. No other words to describe the idiots.

Is FBI gonna get involved finally? Are they gonna move their fucking asses or it is easier to “chase” girls putting fucking ads online???

And of course Wexner, Dershowitz, Epsteing ABC's Goldston, there is a pattern emerging, isn't it?

But goyim you better shut the fuck up and pay your taxes!!!

BTW - Epstein didn't kill himself