It took us four days to finally get through to somebody in IRS. There are only two worse governmental companies: Microsoft and Google. You can't call them at all, lol.

Four fucking days!!! How many of us lost this time on such an endeavor unproductively?? How many men hours (sorry people hours) are lost in the scale of the whole Country? And why??

You say “not enough money” for all the programs? Well... cut the fucking programs then! Get rid of SNAP and other bullshit.

Why don't we just finally abolish IRS. Country was great before that and it can be great after we get rid of that cancer. If it was implemented it means that if enough people start thinking and demanding it, we can end the IRS terror reign.

There is no single reason to keep it. The only reason it exist is to enslave us. Make us docile and scared.

End the IRS. End the FED even better.

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