Clients in 2004

“Yeah, sure Ill be there in an hour. Ill call you from the cab/Ill let you when I park”

Clients in 2019

"Can I see her in 15 minutes?"

“Is location IN THE LOOP? Like in 3 block radius?”

“Oh, no that's way too far! Michigan ave? Are you nuts?”

“Where should/could I park?” It's a fucking downtown. Street? Garage? Should we wash your car as well?

“Is there electric car parking space?”. Fuck off

“No. I can't go there. I'm on my bicycle” God help us...

It used to take me 45 fucking minutes to WALK from 1200 north block to south Loop. With a fucking stroller. In the winter time.

Don't be a fucking hipster kid. Grow up.