The beauty of an actual Capitalism

Three days ago we booked short flight on Private jets for about 30 passengers. We booked it three hours before the flight, for the price which was lower than commercial on the same route. Unfortunately one hour later situation changed and we had to CANCEL the trip. So of course with a heavy heart we dialed the 800 435 9579 number knowing whats gonna happen next...

In our dreams we were hoping for a credit towards the future travel. Refund was out of the question, obviously. Who didn't experience american airlines? Not talking about AA, but american airlines as a whole. They own our skies thanks to the .gov intervention, that's why flying domestic is a fucking shitty joke!

Voice on the other end of the line greeted us: “hello, how may I help you?”

“Hmmm.... we just booked a ticket an hour ago but unfortunately have to cancel the trip. Errr... what are our options...????”

“Your email is …

“Yes it is”

“Ok, sending confirmation of a refund”

“Wait... what?”

“We are refunding your money and sending an email with confirmation”

“Are you serious?”

“? Yes I am”

“Holy sh*t! You guys are the best! That's unheard of nowadays!”

“Glad to hear that. Anything else I can help you with?”

“Hell no! Thank you!!!”

And that was it! Didn't hurt did it? Small company like them could do it but the big ones can't, right?

You can't even switch the fucking names on the reservation!

Of course we don't have to mention lack of pedos from TSA, possibility of arriving literally 5 mins before the scheduled departure and so on. Private travel! Cheaper than commercial!

Fucking commies in America don't have a fucking clue how beautiful and diverse (key word for those assholes) the world would be under Capitalism.

We can only dream for now, right?

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