Genesis - “Book of Miracles”

On the 8th day of the week God said to Jesus:

“Son, go on and descent on The New Sodom and Gomorrah. You know that place the natives call Washington DC these days. Talk to #45 and ask him if he wants to be remembered by History and the (shee)people. There are few, very simple ways to do it. Only if he wants to”

“But, Father, do you think that Orange Man has the strength in him to do it? After all the snake tribe is all over him?”

“Son, we always give mortals the choice. It will be his choice to fade away or become the Greatest Orange America has ever seen”

“Ok Father, I shall talk to him in Oral Office then. Let's see if his intentions are noble and the will strong.”

Thus Jesus embarked on the short trip from Heaven to the White House. Since there is a no fly zone over the Capital, He had to take an Amtrak from NYC which reminded Him what Hell looks like. Going through security in the White House was easy since they thought He was a lobbyist for LGBTQZOO “community” wearing His white Gown and long hair. Dense beard didn't fool them, they saw it before

Even the President wasn't surprised. He was ready for any concessions toward the chosen group. After all he was used to do it in regards to a Chosen Nation of Isr... Oh wait. We can't talk about it. Go back – rewind...

When they sat in an Oral Office Mr. T said: “How can I help you Son?”

“I am here to present you an offer you can not refuse. I am here to present you History on the platter. I am here so YOU can make a right choice and take your people to a better future” I am here to ask you a favor. Favor that will benefit EVERYBODY”

Baffled, he asked: “hold on, you are asking for the favor for everybody? So you are not lobbying on behalf of a particular group of ppl?”

“Yes, correct. But first you have to be honest and ask yourself this question looking in the mirror: Do YOU really want to Make America Great Again? Or is it just another slogan for the populace?

Mr. Orange lowered his head between his hands. He closed his eyes and one could see tension building, disbelief and desperation on a President's tired face. Seconds passed in a complete silence. Jesus knew He had all the time in the World so He didn't say a word, He was waiting. After all Father gave people free will. #45 had to choose for himself.

Someone knocked at the door: “not now!!! I'm busy!!!

And then...

“Ok I am in. Tell me what to do!

Jesus stood up with angelic glow on His face. “Son, are you sure YOU want to serve the People of these United States of America?”

“Yes God, I am”

“Lovely! Let's get to work then, shall we?”

“You will be given 8 things to do. You can call it 8 commandments if you want to. Easier to remember”.

“I will give you 7 days to finish them. It is more than enough time. Look what my Father built in six! The last task will be the hardest. Kennedy tried when I visited the White House the last time. Unfortunately he failed. We have waited for quite some time for somebody with the balls – someone like you.

But when I come back on the 8th day and you will not go through with it, we will resurrect Hillary every 4 years until she becomes the President. Here we go”

  1. Acknowledge that the “chosen nation” has nuclear weapons.
  2. Knowing that, cancel all military and financial aid to that nation. That is the law!
  3. Go there and take all those nukes from them so they can not start World War III, it is enough that they did start those two before!
  4. Cancel all welfare programs.
  5. Cancel all “Social laws”. All “equality laws”. Just leave the ones that counts: don't kill, don't steal.
  6. Bring ALL troops home. We are not an Empire, we are a Republic. And after all those things you will do, the whole world will be begging to live in here anyway.
  7. Abolish the institution of IRS and of course all income taxes.
  8. END the FED, get those parasites off of the Americans back!!!

“There will be chaos at the beginning. No doubt about it. But after a short while all squealing pigs will go away and the People will love what YOU did for this Country”

“Don't worry, you will thank me later. Because we WILL meet again!”