Now, when the dust settled down we can talk about what happened to Judge Kavanaugh. And it's not about Kavanaugh. It's about all other, small, regular people who got fucked by, or are getting fucked by “pound me too” witches and soyboys.

The “Left”, “Marxists” or just simply idiots – like I call them, want to destroy everything. They want to destroy our past, present and the future. We are in the midst of a Cultural War. Cultural war on every possible level. You can perfectly see it in media, all kinds of media that they control. We see it, they know what they are doing. Well at least some of them. Majority might really be that fucking stupid.

Have you seen Cock Norris:

Amazing footage of the things to come...

We are getting rid of of all rules in our lives. And I am not talking about .gov regulations. We should get rid of those. I am talking about sometimes unwritten, sometimes set in stone rules that have been with us for a long time and for a reason.

Why would I use protection? Nah... those are old and patriarchal rules so fuck it! Well thats why: “The United States is experiencing a "steep and sustained" spike in sexually transmitted diseases, a new government analysis shows. Cases of gonorrhea, syphilis and chlamydia all increased in 2017, making it the fourth straight year in which STD infections continued to rise. “

Anonymous letter to the police stating that you are a gangsta? No problem! We will round you up and then it does become your problem. People don't even know that not so long ago anonymous tips were thrown in the trash can. You MUST NOT accept anonymous accusations! If you can not face your accuser in court how can you present your case? What if your accuser owes you 30.000$ and calling the police is/was a form of revenge?

Which brings us to our newest “victim”: cuntie who just recalled that 36 years ago someone, somewhere “raped” her. Too many words were already lost on this topic so I will spare the accusation part. Ill ask few questions only: she has 2 brothers, older brothers. Where were they 36 years ago??? If it was my sister getting raped Mr. Kavanaugh would never become a lawyer, I would end his career before it started. If it was me being raped, my brothers would have a nice talk with the perpetrator. Why didn't she go to the police? Where are the hospital records??? There should have been any record in the hospital if she was raped. Etc....

So I guess another rule is out the window and the new rule... well rules: guilty until proven innocent.

Good luck!!!!