Midterm results, few words:

What can we say? We are doomed. If A. O. Cortez and some other crazy people are voted in based on being bisexual or muslim or just because they are women, we are fucked! I think we will form a party of jerk offs. We like to jerk off and our people should have “equal rights” to heterosexuals. I should be able to marry my own hand! That's discrimination!

The more we think about the whole bullshit “lgbt plus minus equals zero movement”, the more we are convinced that it is in fact bullshit. And we love the idea that no one can critisize them. It's like with Eskimos. You can't say anything bad about that tribe, unless you want to be brand “anti eskimo”

So when we are chosing people not based on the merit, but based on their form of satisfying their sexual desires it's the beginning of the end. We are waiting for the first pansexual, black, illegal immigrant, disabled president of the US. That's gonna be something! How many points this person would score even before the first debate! Can you imagine?!

So we shouldn't cheer like idiots only because “we” elected first open bisexual woman, or first muslim woman etc... We should weep about the state of the affairs in our Country.