“Migrant Caravan”

Sounds like a title of the romantic song. Well, it's not.

My small brain can not wrap around that situation. It just doesn't compute. How is it possible that the bunch of people gathers around and “decides” that they WANT to live in USA and it is their RIGHT to do so. It smells worse than Clinton's pussy.

Then they walk for days, breaking all the laws in the book and nothing happens to them??? No government seems to be able to stop them, no police, no army. They want to get to the paradise and nothing or no one will stop them. Well, I WANT my fucking Ferrari!!!! Ill go to the dealership today and throw the tantrum, let's see if that works for me.

So what's the story here? I guess we all know (at least those with a quarter of a brain) that someone is behind it, someone pays for the whole operation.

It would be a waste of time to discuss if those people have the RIGHT to get in. That's not the point here. They don't. Period.

The problem is what are we gonna do about it?

There is only one solution and it's very simple. No one can overrun the bullets yet.

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