I am god. I am writing this from the perspective of Zir, Hir or They (people who know – they know). I am not a woman nor a man. You dont know if I have kids or I dont. Dont hold it against me!


What the fuck happened? What happened to women? Who convinced them, that bringing new humans to this World is a bad thing. Nowadays not even bad, but worse! They are opressed by nature, biology, their own bodies and of course men, only because they have to breed, so to speak. Who masterminded the plan presenting motherhood as something evil, not cool, not necessary??

It started over a hundred years ago, this war on Marriage. Men are pigs, men beat women, men are drunks and idiots etc... To be a white man these days is a fucking pain... They are “responsible” for all atrocities around the Western Civilization.

Someone told women that they are opressed by men. It is an old trick: divide and conquer. Someone told women that being mother is boring and old fashioned! How can someone persuade women that this miracle of creating life and bringing it to our World is not worthy??? That it is better to have a “career”? It is better to work outside home? What kind of garbage is this?

I would do anything to stay home with my kids and see them grow. To stay home with them to share my knowledge of the World. But no - we outsorced bringing up our children to state controlled and approved facilities. It is so absurd. We have babies that we barely see! And we are shocked at the number of school shootings, suicides etc... Whose fault is this?

We shatttered the sanctuary of the Marriage on the altar of work and paying more taxes. Think about it: before women went to work en masse, only men were taxed. Brilliant isn't it?!

Why (generally speaking of course) american women are seen as cunts, good only for one thing: spending money of those evil men. Those other, “succesful” women, spending their desperate days working are cat Ladies. Pissed at everybody, because the hormones are raging!

Just look at the almost “Cunt in Chief” H.C. Despicable!

Why guys like eastern european girls? Asians? Why? Because they are still normal! That's all. They are still being women, they do not want to become men...

Girls! You are gods! Without you/us the World stands still. And wait...

Think about it!