What the fuck happened to the Banks???

We tried to deposit some cash into friend's account this morning. Not a lot, just 200 fucking dollars. To the most fucking corrupt bank in US – Wells Fargo. Well guess what? They “don't accept cash anymore”. In Chase you can't even make a deposit if you don't have account with those mother fucking assholes!! So for example if my sister living in a different state has an emergency and is asking me for the money I can't help her without opening the fucking account with those cunts.

Of course they implemented this shit like the communists always implement shit: boil the fucking frog. You can deposit cash, you can deposit cash but only to a certaing limit, you can't deposit any cash, you can deposit blank money order, you can deposit money order only with your name on it. Simple, brilliant and works every fucking time!!! It's like: ban “automatic weapons”, ban “Semi automatic weapons”, well lets ban all the weapons.

First: we live in the times where banks do NOT want your cash. Let it sink in for a while

Second: they will gladly accept cash when it's over 100 millions and up, no problems then

Third: what this ban on cash is suppose to achieve? Total control over you

And don't give me this bullshit about conspiracy theory, its a fucking fact. Deal with it!

Of course the “noble” cause is to fight money laundering, traffiking, drugs and “for zee childreeeennn”. Not funny part is that people still believe this shit! Oh, yes, we have to have those policies, rules etc... What if someone wants to deposit 10k?? Its the end of the fucking world!!!

Give me a fucking break!

Banks of today should not be even named “banks”. They have zero, nothing to do with banks of the past, before Federal Reserve and fractional reserve system. They would be a joke of capitalist system if we were living in such.

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