Does anyone even remember those two???

It's been only 2 months since fucking idiots politicians voted on FOSTA and SESTA and no one remembers that monstrosity nor no one really cares!!!

Website are up and running, just with a different appendix after a dot. Some of them changed the names and it's business as usuall. That is what happenes when .gov tries to meddle with a free market. Side not: we didn't even notice until recently that CL personal section is gone!!! What a fucking morons!!!

If police dooesn't have anything to do we have a few names they can go after: remember Jon Corzine? What about the whole Clinton clan? What about Lynch? Comey? What about that cunt from IRS who was targeting Tea party groups???

We are talking about “zee Russians” messing with our electoral process... pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee...

You guys know that Americans are not that dumb, do you????

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