Quo Vadis America?

Communists striked and won again.

It started like it always does. Slowly, certain ads after ads were banned under the pretext of “good intentions”, “fighting crime” and of course the main one, used soooooo many times - “it's for zee children”. Why at that time? Well, apparently one (1) unfortunate girl was made to put out the ads on BP and forced to work as a sex worker by some incredible evil people. Two others, apparently victims of a human trafficking sued BP but the lawsuit was thrown out.

In a normal world we would not have to say, that human trafficking is a horrible, horrible thing in any way, shape and form, but, unfortunately we live under the tyranny of Communism and have to explain to feeble minded people that we too are AGAINST it.

Now disclaimer aside we can proceed with a meritum.

Statists will say “well, great that this website and others are made responsible and will be taken down, it is all worth it even if we can save only one (1) life!”

Hmmmm.... really? So how come that the same narrative is not used by them if one (1) life is saved by a gun??? Very convenient. Why nobody is talking about hundreds if not thousands of normal girls working in the business trying to change their lives for the better?

Why do we need police then if we are supposed to police ourselves? Or rather third parties are supposed to treat everybody as a criminal “just in case” some real criminal decides to do something?

FOSTA and SESTA making third parties responsible for a content their users are posting online is like making a drinking bar responsible for your drinking problem (well some bars already lost in courts) or a chocolate producer responsible for you being fat. Imagine this scenario: you are talking over the phone with your friend about building a bomb, doesn't matter for what purpose – fun, fourth of July or just for a sake of conversation. Next day you get a phone call from your phone provider telling you that your service is being turned off because (after listening and recording your conversation) they are afraid that if you really would build the bomb in a future you might use it for the illegal purposes. What then??

This new law will not prevent horrendous crimes it is claiming to help get rid of.

The term “human trafficking” is used very lightly these days anyway, like fascism, racist and so on. All agencies are trafficking, all girls are victims and so on... We personally know somebody who was charged with that crime. Only because when you call the Police number it is an option number 1.

Even the special force police officers were surprised during the arraignment to the nature of the crime. All charges were deemed “not guilty” but it cost that person 2 years of hell and 100k in a legal fees.

Do we want to see this happening more often now??

This is a very sad day for America. Very sad day for the 1st Amendment and the 2nd is getting demolished by a minute as well. Censored websites in US? Is this China? Dubai? Saudi Arabia? Those are the countries we have seen this kind of behaviour.

From what we remember the aforementioned girl from BP ran away from home. So the question should not be human trafficking but why she ran away?? Parents blamed BP for her ordeal. Are you kidding me???? We should be blaming her parents for that! We know that they wanted money and to settle the matter out of court, but the Communist took this opportunity and seized another piece of our freedom, or whatever is left. Like the Major of Chicago said: “we can not let the crisis go to waste”.

If you care about freedom of speech, if you care about reason and just laws, help in any way you can. Write, share, sign the petition – just do something. After all that's what they do: “something” which looks good, because how can we oppose the legislation which in theory helps “Zee children”???