What the Fuck is going on with the World...

Especially "Great" Britain... not so great anymore!

Why is this man got arrested?? If You don't know who he is we recommend some reading. For those who know who Tommy is, the question still remains - is it gonna happen to me? And the answer might be: not if, but when?

Of course totalitarian regime in England didn't happen over night. First were the cameras - millions of them, of course for YOUR PROTECTION. From what??? Fucking aliens?? Yesterday I saw the cops telling a couple of tourists not to sit on the stairs for their safety! No, not the cops safety - for the tourists safety! Kafka would be proud.

Then came the laws - lots of them! You can't criticize jews, blacks, gays, lesbians, muslims, fat people, skinny people, ugly people etc......

"Hate" speech, anti "hate" laws. People getting arrested for teaching their dog the Roman salute. And now this... Man who is speaking against the "grooming" gangs (who are they grooming and for who?????) of "brown" men from Asia is getting arrested on the spot, he is put before the "judge" and sentenced to jail for 13 months. And all of this happened within hours! No trial, no jury, no lawyers...

I have been saying this for years now, but soon we all are gonna migrate to Mother Russia, seems like a better choice than the lost, western civilization.

As if the arrest wasn't scary enough the "crown" issued "notice D" I believe it's called: newspapers and journalists, actually no media can even talk and comment about this arrest!!! Imagine this - you can not make a video about this topic without risking being arrested... Total black out and media ban.

Sigh... Stasi and KBG found their lost offspring.

That's what happens when you give up your freedom and give up your guns.

To all Americans - do not make the same mistake. It always ends up in tears - your tears!

#FreeTommy #FreeTommyRobinson