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Few thoughts Ms. Blaire!

Ms Blaire

Regarding your awesome video:

We love you and your work, but you have to admit that “jessica yaniv” is a smart (and manipulative) man. Smart in that sense that he knows he can game the system. We are not talking about him having “illegal” weapons or something frivolous like that. We are talking about topless parties for minors, putting businesses out of work, visiting ladies restrooms to voyeur on underage girls and so on...

So the question is - whose fault is this? His? No – the fault is ours.

It's our fault we let “the system” became so fucked up. It is a fault of all people who didn't lift the finger when one after another crazy laws...

End the IRS. Its about time.


It took us four days to finally get through to somebody in IRS. There are only two worse governmental companies: Microsoft and Google. You can't call them at all, lol.

Four fucking days!!! How many of us lost this time on such an endeavor unproductively?? How many men hours (sorry people hours) are lost in the scale of the whole Country? And why??

You say “not enough money” for all the programs? Well... cut the fucking programs then! Get rid of SNAP and other bullshit.

Why don't we just finally abolish IRS. Country was great before that and it can be great after we get rid of that cancer. If it was implemented it means that if enough people start thinking and demanding it, we can end the IRS terror reign.

There is no single reason to keep it. The only r...

JSX the best airlines in the whole WORLD!

The beauty of an actual Capitalism

Three days ago we booked short flight on Private jets for about 30 passengers. We booked it three hours before the flight, for the price which was lower than commercial on the same route. Unfortunately one hour later situation changed and we had to CANCEL the trip. So of course with a heavy heart we dialed the 800 435 9579 number knowing whats gonna happen next...

In our dreams we were hoping for a credit towards the future travel. Refund was out of the question, obviously. Who didn't experience american airlines? Not talking about AA, but american airlines as a whole. They own our skies thanks to the .gov intervention, that's why flying domestic is a fucking shitty jok...

Just a racist voting for a racist laws.

YES!!!! It finally dawned on us! We finally know why it is IMPOSSIBLE to get rid of income tax!!!

That would be reverse racism!!! Check this article please:

"Communities of color have been disproportionately impacted by laws governing marijuana for far too long, and today we are ending this injustice once and for all," Cuomo said.

Fuck this fucktard. He is not content that idiotic law has been repealed or softened, its all for the show anyway. No, he is being a racist implying that bad stuff is done by "peo...

Why everyone HATES Agencies??

Why everyone hates agencies??

Why are you getting pissed if/when/that you “can not talk to the girl personally”?

When you schedule your doctor's appointment are you talking to his/her secretary?

When you try to book Justin Bieber concert do you talk to him or his secretary/manager/handler or whatever you wanna call them?

Don't you see how many independent girls has “helpers” or “phone people”? Well guess why? Because they would not be able to handle the volume of the calls and sifting dicks from the assholes!!!

When you buy a plane ticket do you talk to the pilot? Why not? Do you feel left out then? Do you feel like you “can't establish personal relationship with the airlines?” Does it make an experience of flying less pleasurable?

Stop saying (callin...

Motherfucking banksters

Banksters memory runs deep.

They don't easily forget our heroes who fucked their plans.

So they want to replace the biggest one of them from american memory. They want to replace him with a solid name we have to say. But the question is why Him and the 20 dollar bill? Why don't we put her (if we REALLY can't live without it!) on 5$ bill replacing the idiot who destroyed what America was about? Or 2$ bill which is almost an Unicorn, so we wouldn't have to see her face, which is quite frankly not the prettiest... Or, even better why not use 100.000$ bill – yes there was (is) one. Asshole on that bill fully deserves to be forgotten by history. He signed Federal Reserve System Act after all. Motherfucker.

Do YOU know who are we talking about???

File under Chicago esc...

Horrid movie "Beach Bum"

We just “experienced” the movie “Beach Bum”

One word review: HORRID!!!

Big red flag should have been VICE as one of the producers right at the beginning of the credits.

Let's be brief so we don't waste a lot of time on this shitty “movie”.

Here we go:

Fucked up, dissolved family – check

Interracial “couple” - check

Loser “father” - check

Drugs everywhere (as it is a good thing) – check

“Freedom” without ANY consequences – check

Complete disregard for anybody else except yourself – check

Complete disregard for law and order - check

“Wedding” without the priest but with weed smoking losers - check

Acting like an animal – check

No roots whatsoever – check

No binding (the same) culture - check


Idiocracy Part X

New Zealand viscous dog attack claims 50 lives and injures countless others.

New Zealand attackers were two, big 40 pound Pit Bulls capable of biting at least 5 people per second and two single bite Chiwawas.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern implemented new dog laws right away apparently prepared already just waiting for that kind of situation: “Our dog laws will change. There were two Pit Bulls capable of biting 5 people per second and two Chiwawas capable of only single bites. The guardian was in a possession of a dog license. It was acquired in 2017. He was radicalized after trip to France, where he saw a lot of poodles on the streets of Paris. I can tell you one thing right now. Our dog laws will change." We have to ban fast biting dogs first and then ALL of THEM...

Empty Head

Head is empty

But we are way more than due for another SEO “article”. Wanted to write about A-O-C, but don't want to give h-e-r another platform. It is like giving a 3 year old who just shit itself, a platform to doodle about it. CNN and others are making great job doing this.

Should we write about gun grabbers making another step towards confiscation?

Should we write about 16 years old kid who knows better where the climate is going and what to do about it?

Should we write about a guy in Poland who got thrown out of the train (like Amtrak) by the train police because....

Fucking brilliant!!!

Fucking brilliant!!

Today we had a privilege of seeing a reaction of a sane person to our retarded laws in Commiefornia.

We went to Best Buy to buy a cable – by the way online price is 0.57$; Best Buy price... 9.99$...

Waiting for our turn to talk to the guy (since us girls don't know anything about electronics, lol!) we couldn't help but heard another customer telling the story. Judging from the accent man was from Australia but had to be here for a long -er time.

“So I am walking down the street and this motherfucking “homeless” guy is grabbing my camera! Managed to get it back and all, but so wanted to fuck this guy up, but hey! then I would be a bad guy, right?”

At this moment we joined the conversation: “Thanks City Mayor and the gang. They...