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Fucking brilliant!!!

Fucking brilliant!!

Today we had a privilege of seeing a reaction of a sane person to our retarded laws in Commiefornia.

We went to Best Buy to buy a cable – by the way online price is 0.57$; Best Buy price... 9.99$...

Waiting for our turn to talk to the guy (since us girls don't know anything about electronics, lol!) we couldn't help but heard another customer telling the story. Judging from the accent man was from Australia but had to be here for a long -er time.

“So I am walking down the street and this motherfucking “homeless” guy is grabbing my camera! Managed to get it back and all, but so wanted to fuck this guy up, but hey! then I would be a bad guy, right?”

At this moment we joined the conversation: “Thanks City Mayor and the gang. They...

Speeding vs Abortion you decide

Speeding vs abortion. Vegas to LA edition.

Premise of this article: what is more dangerous for the “people”. What activity should big daddy regulate more. Because they CARE about us, especially zee children (lmao!!!!) don't they?

3.613.732 1899-2013 motor vehicle fatalities in US

56.467.980 1973-2017 vide Guttmacher 44.012.115 1973-2017 vide CDC, abortions in US

Cocksucking parasites

Cocksucking parasites

Who you ask?

Fucking banks.

Just got our card declined twice today so we called them. Well... the card has been deactivated even though was valid till 2021 and last time we checked it was only 2019?!

Why it was declined we asked, well... third party had a problem with being fucking hacked and they said we should close your card so we did.

Why you fuckfaces didn't call? You always fucking call! For no apparent reason: “did you make this 12$ purchase sir/ma'am?”, “did you book the hotel in Tokyo for december 15th?”. Yes, you fucking dickheads! We did! Your algorithm should pick it up, since before booking the fucking hotel we purchased flight from ….. to Tokyo! But of course they contact you ONLY if their business is at stake,...


I am god. I am writing this from the perspective of Zir, Hir or They (people who know – they know). I am not a woman nor a man. You dont know if I have kids or I dont. Dont hold it against me!


What the fuck happened? What happened to women? Who convinced them, that bringing new humans to this World is a bad thing. Nowadays not even bad, but worse! They are opressed by nature, biology, their own bodies and of course men, only because they have to breed, so to speak. Who masterminded the plan presenting motherhood as something evil, not cool, not necessary??

It started over a hundred years ago, this war on Marriage. Men are pigs, men beat women, men are drunks and idiots etc... To be a white man these days is a fucking pain... They are “responsible” for all atrocitie...

Permanent Winter

What happened???

Where is our Global Warming? Where is our february Summer? Where are the rising temps??? Ohhhh.... We guess someone already made all the money on GW and now we can move on. New topic is racism in Starbucks, lol!!!!!!!!!! It should rather be called Cockbucks, seeing all those beta males cocksuckers running it to the ground. They will close all the stores for one day, lmao!!!! Fucking retards... America needs a war, Civil War preferably so men can be men again, women wives and kids just kids, not some Zombies on Adderall.

God damned it, this was supposed to be about Winter in Shitcago. Well - it is cold, it is fucking cold. Maybe the weather will help homicidal statistics.

File under chicago escorts, escorts in chicago, escorts chicago, always hiring and...

Tale of two Universes

Tales of two Jasons and two Stacys living in a parallel Universes.

Universe numero Uno: the “bent reality, year 2018 on Earth”

Jason is a very respected “doctor a.k.a baby killer” working for Planned Parenthood. Great personality, awesome touch and experienced in vacuuming body parts. He is paid a lot of money doing this. Money which in part comes from us – idiot tax payers.

Stacy is a lost girl, who just got knocked up by one night stand when she was drunk. Respected, future lawyer: “it can happen to anyone” her girlfiends said. He was soooooo cute and she just had to fuck him.


Stacey comes to Planned Parenthood because she saw their ads everywhere and talks to a facilitator how to murder her unborn child. Lady talks...