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To all internet, twitter bullshit “conservatives”: you are a fucking morons.

I like browsing your feeds. A lot of informative content. So respect and kudos

for that. But... when it comes to real things, again: you are a fucking morons.

Do you remember begging Daddy to stop flights from China 2 years ago? “Its just

a tip” strategy doesn't work with government. Once you confirmed that you

bought .gov propaganda on the newest flu, you basically opened the door

to all abuse government had in store for us. So when “flattening

the curve” become yearly thing and you opened your eyes it was way

too late.

Now you are doing the same shit when it comes to ce...

Go cashless says TSA

Go Cashless says TSA

Had to fly 2 months ago. Trying to stay away from it but sometimes you got no choice.

Booked the flight the same way since 1995. Checked in with real person. Going through

TSA... GRRRRRRR/BRRRRRRR machine checking your id made a crazy noise.

Already knew its gonna be a long flight.

“You have to go back to airlines. Something is wrong”

“Well can you tell me whats wrong? Did the same thing I do for the last X years”

“I dont know. You have to go back to airlines”

Went back to airlines. Lady looked at me like “wtf, why are you back?”. I gave her

the same look, lol. She said everything is correct and I should go back to TSA.

Went back to the growing line. GRRRRRR/BRRRRRRR... same...

Florida the Great

     State of Florida

How come Florida can be so cool????

As we said in one of the previous episodes we drove from Shitcago to Miami

recently and part of the trip in Florida has happened via paid tollways.

Since we dont have SunPass we got scared of tickets. There wasnt any way

to pay for those tolls (no toll booths), so thinking its gonna be like in

Shitcago we waited for envelopes in a mail.

It did come, today. 5 dollars and 14 cents (5.14$). Five fucking dollars and

some change. Administrative fee: 2.50. Thats included in those 5.14

So we proceed to pay for it online. Again, knowing how those Chicago

motherfuckers are scamming their own constituents we thought its gonna

be sing up, give...

"Speeding" and speed limits

“Speeding” and speed limits

We recently did about 8000 miles all over US. Chicago, Nashville, Miami. South border

all the way to west coast and so on.

Chicago is a shithole, but anybody with a brain knows it already. Cameras after cameras

giving out tickets left and right. Tolls that cant be paid on the spot. No cash of course. That

was the plan from the get ko. “Pandemic” was just an excuse. Someone will say you can pay

online – well go and try it motherfucker. So the only way to live in that jungle is to cover

your plate. Which we have been doing for the last 20 years. No ticket, lol! Works like a charm.

Nashville: fucking amazing!!! The whole city was pumping and jumping. Downtown, which



2000 282 160 000 2 409 646

2001 284 970 000 (1% ) 2 416 545 (.29%)

2002 287 630 000 (.9%) 2 444 855 (1.17%)

2003 290 110 000 (.85%) 2 448 528 (.15%)

2004 292 810 000 (.9%) 2 398 113 (-2%)

2005 295 520 000 (.9%) 2 446 905 (2%)

2006 298 380 000 (.95%) 2 425 829 (-.85%)

2007 301 230 000 (.95%) 2 424 901 (-.03%)

2008 304 090 000 (.95%) 2 472 251 (1.95%)

2009 306 770 000 (.9%) 2 438 821 (-1.35%)

2010 309 320 000 (.8%) 2 471 466 (1.35%)

2011 311 560 000 (.7%) 2 514 289 (1.73%)

2012 313 830 000 (.7%) 2 542 023 (1.1%)

2013 315 990 000 (.68%) 2 594 277 (2.05%)


About fucktards

We tried not to write about "the virus" again. We really did. But the sheer amount of fucktardness, ignorance, stupidity, idiocracy and most of all FEAR

made us commit this time and few hundred words so here we go.

Back in March 2020 we said it was all fucking bullshit. Keywords used by our overlords made us aware and sure of that. It was given that the POWER once

acquired by the .gov will never be let go. Lockdowns will go forever, or will be implemented on a whim, whenever they deem "necessary".

Masks are here to stay. 

THEY realized few, very important strategic goals:

Corporations are bigger than before

"Private" business is gone

Vaccination passports are a must now

People will do whatever they are told every single mo...

Two Obituaries

Two Obituaries

Last week two of our close friends checked out from this crazy circus we call World today in a span of 3 days...

Avigail Nasutuvitz 1994 - 2020

Avigail and Jonathan met in high school and fell in Love from the first sight. It was an amazing story and We are glad we were their friends.

They got married right after school and a year later their cute daughter Eva was born.

Avigail was a Gymnast at that time hoping to participate in 2016 Olympics. But the timing wasn't right since Jonathan went to Army and was send to Iraq from which He never returned...

2 weeks before His death he sent the last letter to his wife asking Her to follow Her dreams of becoming the Olympic Gold Medalist no matter what happens. That was his...

Elitists versus working men

My friend died of corona virus.

He was riding his bike and got run over by the car.

The driver was a carrier.

So now my friend is a statistic for COVID – 19.

Close your eyes and let it sink in:

People who are forbidding you to work now = public sector, are getting paid.

Paid from YOUR money that you are forbidding to make now.

So of course they will scream for weeks or even months of “quarantine”

Who wouldn't? Give us X amount weekly and we will close the business down, duh!

They are getting paid no matter what, so for them it is paid vacation.

Paid by OUR taxes, our income tax that we still have to pay this year!

Even 14 year old understood why teachers were so happy to close the schools: “Hey, all...

How stupid you are

“Land of the free, home of the brave” if anyone still believes in this slogan is a fucking moron.

Few numbers first, for whoever can still understand the numbers and percentages:

Worldwide deaths 0.0003% as of March 28, 2020

Worldwide “cases” 0.008%

USA deaths 0.0003%

USA “cases” 0.03%

Those numbers should be sufficient to end this article right now.

But for those who can't comprehend the numbers it is like standing amongst 100 men against somebody with a bucket of paint. One of you (out of all 100) will get your palm of the hand wet. That's the probability of somebody getting sick. Dying is even more hard.

And how come everyone is trusting the Media all of the sudden?

The same media telling us this?


So many thoughts, so little time

So many thoughts so little characters.

This is the time frame for this "pandemic"

December 2019? China

Jan, Feb, March 2020 Europe

March, April, May USA

Other countries didn't give a fuck because there wasn't election that year.

Fall 2020 "pandemic" is back since after the "quarantine" no fucking one acquired immunity to the "coronaflu"

Except Great Britain

December 2020 President of USA declaring War on the "Virus". Never ending war on an invisible "enemy". 









January 2070: first attempt by the People using FOIA to declassify DOD documents regarding WUHAN Exercise. 

Sealed by the judge for another 50 years