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We are the bad guys

...and we are the bad guys...

How can we be nice if asswipes like this one using Matthew Pytka working in Marianos info and phone number 650-402-8290 to “schedule” and outcall to 4236 n kedvale ave address is doing this just for the girl to drive all the way to find out its fake? And then sending message like the one in the photo?

Yes, we are the bad guys.

Dangerous cheap lying Motherfucker!!!!

Dangerous individuum

We don't do this often anymore since we have too many fucktards contacting us every single day, but this case needs our (and yours too) attention.

Got contacted by this individual and that's what ensued:

"Hello, are you by chance near Schaumburg today?"

Right away we knew that he didn't know who is he contacting and so on...

"Who do you want to see"

"Kinga, but location is more important"

"She can be in Schaumburg if needed"

"Also, sooner is better"

"What time"

"Now?" "Haha"

At this point it was certain that it's a waste of time, but gave him another chance.

"What time would you like to schedule"

"How soon can you have someone in area"

"Kinga might be there at noon ish" It was about...

Robert Cornman the THIEF

Motherfucking CUNT

Robert Cornman


Cockhead, thief and liar.

Background story:

Girl went to west suburbs to see this dickwipe. Don't remember now: Lisle, Naperville – one of those shitholes. She doesn't drive so she took an Uber. 100$ round trip. This dickwipe used credit. Went through, she showed up. He never opened the door. Then called the company and told them that we charged his card without his consent.