Why everyone hates agencies??

Why are you getting pissed if/when/that you “can not talk to the girl personally”?

When you schedule your doctor's appointment are you talking to his/her secretary?

When you try to book Justin Bieber concert do you talk to him or his secretary/manager/handler or whatever you wanna call them?

Don't you see how many independent girls has “helpers” or “phone people”? Well guess why? Because they would not be able to handle the volume of the calls and sifting dicks from the assholes!!!

When you buy a plane ticket do you talk to the pilot? Why not? Do you feel left out then? Do you feel like you “can't establish personal relationship with the airlines?” Does it make an experience of flying less pleasurable?

Stop saying (calling at 3pm): “if shes not here at 4pm sharp I'm cancelling. Fuck off then!

We wonder if you are so bossy calling your pizza place. For the first time we should add: “Hey, can I order pizza. But if you are not here in 30 mins sharp I won't accept it”. We are pretty sure boys there would spit in your food or just said the same – fuck off then. Especially if its Friday or Saturday in ShitCago traffic.

So? Why everyone hates agencies???

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