So think about it...

Close your eyes, stop what you are doing, Sit down.

And think for a fucking second. Just fucking think. For yourself this time.

It is a light-er subject, or maybe not. But showing us who we are – slaves.

Recently we had a pleasure meeting one of the bored police officer who riding his bike made U-turn(!) just to give us a ticket for... not wearing the seat belts.

Think about this for a moment. We know, we know! You will come with this “but it is a law” bullshit. Yes. In the worst system on Earth – democracy, you can vote in pretty much anything. Hence, we have those idiotic, slavery laws like mandatory seat belts in your own car.

“Ok I understand you want to kill yourself, but what if you, or rather your ejected body will cause harm to others?” Really? You are gonna use another retarded “example” to justify transferring (stealing) money from productive part of society (us) to leeches in an administration?

There were around 37.000 motor vehicle deaths in USA in 2008 (we are talking about this year because NHTSA has statistics about seat belt for this year). How many of them involved “ejected body”?

First, passenger vehicle deaths were around 26.000 out of 37k. 54% of those fatal accidents were head on collisions that we might agree could lead to ejection. It gives us around 14.000 fatalities by head on collision. Well, .GOV says 27% fatalities of all passenger vehicle deaths were caused by ejection which would give us 7000. Of course we are talking about SUV, van and pick-up rollovers: 78% total, which had a minuscule chance of hurting third party. Passenger cars which were 17% out of 7000 ejections gave us around 1200 fatalities. But... not all of those people were unrestrained... Actually 55% were not.

So 1200 ejected people got killed in 2008. Out of that number 660 didn't wear the seat belt. How many of them hit another human being??? We will never know. Statistics are mute about this subject. But if you ask us about probability of ejected body hitting another body, we say its pretty low. So why the fuck do we have retarded law imposing on us something that doesn't matter in real life? To save 5, 10 15 people a year??? Or generate millions of dollars for the system and suffering for poor people? We are not against seat belts. Why would we be??? They save lives. We are against assholes making us to wear them.

“Oh, but, but if we can save even ONE life it's worth it!” Fuck you bitch!!! Leave my GUNS alone then!!!

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