Tales of two Jasons and two Stacys living in a parallel Universes.

Universe numero Uno: the “bent reality, year 2018 on Earth”

Jason is a very respected “doctor a.k.a baby killer” working for Planned Parenthood. Great personality, awesome touch and experienced in vacuuming body parts. He is paid a lot of money doing this. Money which in part comes from us – idiot tax payers.

Stacy is a lost girl, who just got knocked up by one night stand when she was drunk. Respected, future lawyer: “it can happen to anyone” her girlfiends said. He was soooooo cute and she just had to fuck him.


Stacey comes to Planned Parenthood because she saw their ads everywhere and talks to a facilitator how to murder her unborn child. Lady talks smooth and ensures Stacey that she is doing “the right thing” and that “everything is gonna be ok”.

After not much thought Stacy decides to kill her baby. Handsome, white teeth Jason the “doctor” takes care of it tearing the child to pieces and flashing him/her down the toilet.

He is a productive member of society, facilitator “fights” for women's rights, Stacy has the right to her body, has the right to do with her body whatever She wishes.

He gets paid, facilitator gets paid, Stacy commits suicide.

Universe numero dos: government made “El Dorado”

Jason is a lonely, shy man and doesnt have luck with women. He works all the time hence getting a date is very hard for him. He calls the facilitator – escort agency, matchmaking company, dating service or whatever you wanna call it and asks for Stacy.

Stacy is a ambitious girl trying to make money to pay of her school loans. She tried to be barista but it pays 500$ a week which is a drop in the bucket. She comes to an escort agency because she saw their ads online and asks for the job. Facilitator helps her to make money and/or to find a boyfriend or a future husband.

Everyone is happy

But to the government Jason is a psychotic predator, facilitator is a human trafficker and Stacy is an escort even though she exercises the same right to do whatever she wishes with her own body as an example above.

Jason ends up in jail, so does facilitator, Stacy ends up on the street.

Any questions?

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