Speeding vs abortion. Vegas to LA edition.

Premise of this article: what is more dangerous for the “people”. What activity should big daddy regulate more. Because they CARE about us, especially zee children (lmao!!!!) don't they?

3.613.732 1899-2013 motor vehicle fatalities in US https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motor_vehicle_fatality_rate_in_U.S._by_year

56.467.980 1973-2017 vide Guttmacher 44.012.115 1973-2017 vide CDC, abortions in US https://nrlc.org/uploads/factsheets/FS01AbortionintheUS.pdf

We don't think we need to see more. Case closed. But we include few, very loose thoughts about the matter.

About accidents, errr... sorry, incidents...

Why do we care about road fatalities if we don't care about unborn?

Oh... they “could” be avoided, they will say. So? What about abortions??? Those could definitely be avoided. Why do we have to wear the seat belt? Oh, you MIGHT, or your body MIGHT cause harm to somebody else involved in the accident. Well your abortion DEFINITELY is killing somebody else. But it is my body (“my body my choice” slogan) they scream! Yep, it is my body as well, hence I don't need to protect it, hence no belts. Btw ticket for this over here is 162$ plus 5$ fee.

They will say: what about the cost of all those accidents and poor dead people? Well, what about the cost of all of those unborn??? Maybe, just maybe we killed thousands of new Einsteins or Beethovens so far???

We all know traffic laws are all about money. Gov is making money off of us and insurance companies are pissed of if too many people die in accidents etc...

If that is so why we just don't pass the law enabling killing older people. I have been told that the last 6 months of a person's life costs insurance company more than all the previous years of that persons existence. Just kill the motherfuckers. Stop pretending that it is about us.

You would imagine that, if the traffic fatalities went up after we got rid of the speed limit, even though speed is not the main factor of the accidents, EVERYONE would be screaming about bringing the limits back, BUT, after 1973 when we made abortion legal, meaning we got rid of the limits so to speak and the number of them blew up to the sky no one is screaming about bringing the limits or complete ban on the abortions, on the contrary. All stupid asswipes demand even less restrictions... How is it so?

Let's get back to a drive, Vegas to LA. Empty desert. 70 miles speed limit and cops everywhere. Fake traffic because of that and of course retards behind the wheel. They wont drive faster. Many of them are going UNDER the limit. Daddy said 70 and no mas. Comprende? You could drive faster than your daddy tells you so but that would mean taking your own life into your own hands – and that is a no no these days!

So if you are driving 60 miles per hour in the middle of the desert in the 70 miles per hour zone, don't tell me to do the same. Are we all cops now? It seems so.

Should I tell you how to bring up your kids? (remember all kids are ours). Or look over your shoulder when you file your taxes so you don't cheat???

God forbid you pass somebody. Every time we did that we were honked on and middle fingers were flying around like birds in Kinshasa.

This guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y3qkf3bajd4 was absolutely right. The communism is flourishing in America, because communism, like being black, is a state of mind, nothing else. Everyone HAS to be the same, drive the same speed, making the same amount of money etc... basically we all have to suffer the same amount of … errrr suffering?

Can you imagine 1885? “hey son... if you ride this horse faster than others we will fuck you up! We will hang you by your neck until you die”

We just don't want to live our life the way you are driving your cars: passive, boring, just living your existence. We want excitement, unpredictability! Don't pull us down with you! You want to be miserable, be our guest but leave us alone.

Those people drive like they live: sloppy, all over the road, indecisive but our driving is as tight as our pussies after kegels!

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