“Speeding” and speed limits

We recently did about 8000 miles all over US. Chicago, Nashville, Miami. South border

all the way to west coast and so on.

Chicago is a shithole, but anybody with a brain knows it already. Cameras after cameras

giving out tickets left and right. Tolls that cant be paid on the spot. No cash of course. That

was the plan from the get ko. “Pandemic” was just an excuse. Someone will say you can pay

online – well go and try it motherfucker. So the only way to live in that jungle is to cover

your plate. Which we have been doing for the last 20 years. No ticket, lol! Works like a charm.

Nashville: fucking amazing!!! The whole city was pumping and jumping. Downtown, which

you can still walk through, is growing like a weed. People very friendly. Unfortunately a lot

of fucking retards from NYC and other blue shitholes moving there. Food very good: 17$

burger comes with shredded beef and a lot of beans plus usuall extras. You know walking

around that you are amongst normal, red blooded Americans.

Miami: South Beach empty, except monkeys running around. We wonder where the fuck

are they getting money for it? Ocean Drive partially closed, you cant even get to your hotel.

Have to park block away and walk with luggage. Whoever came up with this idea is a

fucking GENIUS!!! My friend said that every normal people moved north from the 20th

street. Dont blame them.

South Border/Interstate 10: Nice people, cheaper gas, cheaper and nicer hotels.

But thats not the main topic of this little article.

COPS are, and idiotic, retarded SPEED LIMITS.

For 1900 miles from LA to Chicago we spotted maybe 8 cop cars. Lets call them lazy

ones. Meaning – not actively hunting you. Speed traps off and so on.

As soon as we crossed the Illinois border (Mississippi River) in the first 2 (TWO)

FUCKING MILES we have seen 4 (FUCKING FOUR) cop cruisers with their

already caught victims. Let it sink in...

In the last 300 miles there was, wait for it... 12 (TWELVE) cops actively HUNTING

us with blood in their eyes. So fuck your “back the blue” bullshit. Now think why

it is how it is in that shithole state. No fucking money so someone has to pay for those

cops retirement plan at 40. Or for the teachers. Its all for zee children, hahahahaha!

But still cops are not the main problem. Idiotic laws are. Americans are so fucking

naive that you can pass any fucking law telling them its for their own good. They will

buy this shit.

Speed limits varies a little from state to state. 55 to 75, which is bullshit as fuck.

They told you that speed is the main factor in the accidents, right? So how the fuck

would you explain this taking under consideration the fact that WE were the fastest

car on those highways during whole 8000 miles trip??? We encountered thousands of cars

and seriously maybe 3, maybe 5 cars were driving faster then us. All other fucktards

were doing BELOW the speed limit. Its fucking insane. Dont know if its a fear of

getting a ticket? Or just complete and utter retardness? So how come speed is the factor

if there is no speed?

Well we know what causes those accidents: boredom, compliance, phones etc...

100 miles from Chicago we had to drive behind the cop for about 1 hour or so. We

thought we will fucking drop dead on the spot or sleep till the weekend. Thats the problem!

When you drive normal speed you are alerted and paying attention.

On the way to Miami, on the highway with 3 lanes all of them of course

taken, meaning 3 fucktards driving along side with hundreds of yards available up front.

Our nerves went wild – sat behind the middle guy so he/she sped up a little just to give

us space to overtake the guy in the 3rd lane (mind you all of them are driving BELOW

speed limit!!!). What do we see? This motherfucker in the 3rd lane is driving with

fucking cellphone on his lap very, very deeply involved in whatever he is doing not

paying attention to ANYTHING. We almost drove him out of the road. Fucking

piece of shit. Thats the problem, not driving 95 on interstate. Even 95 is laughable.