“Reproductive rights” aka barbarism! Regarding new Murder Law from NY.

We have an idea!

What if after a one night stand girl gets pregnant and wants to keep the baby but GUY doesn't??

In order to keep men's reproductive rights up to date – girl has to abort the baby if the man wishes so!

Women just wanna fuck, that's why someone came up and introduced the pill, so why can't men do the same? Or have the possibility to do the same?

Boommm!!!! Equality!!!

Once the baby is out of heaven and in your oven it is not your right to abort it.

It is your privilege to be a vessel for it, that's it.

Nowadays dogs have more rights and privileges than unborn babies. Especially in Hollywood where you can't even trim the nails (claws).


Pay attention: you are not the owner of the pet, you are a merely a “guardian”. As we said somewhere before – comparing animals to humans is going very well. Why would they do that? Very simple – it is like calling everybody “nazis”. Since you are a nazi - we can kick you, beat you, arrest you - why? well... because you are a nazi!! Duh!!!!

Of course you can go to prison if you don't follow the law regarding your dog or cat or whatever:


but you won't go to prison if you kill the baby:


Enjoy the cold. Do NOT make new babies since they are endangered species! The “Progressives” are hunting them.

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