Monsters do exist

We just saw the movie “Dick/VICE”. It is about real life dick – Dick Cheney. Monster that the Washington DC is full of. We didn't want to see it. Like “Big short” which we saw 3 years after it came out. We knew we would be pissed off to the core. And we were right. Both movies depict pillage of American people. In both you see despicable monsters that our TV stations present as “heroes”, “great Americans” and “patriots”.

The movie is great, shot by the same team and the same main actors as “Big short”. Music is very on point reinforcing the scenes happening on the screen.

Every free and thinking man knows those people are monsters. Dick, Rumsfeld, Bush et al know that there is a very special room waiting for them in the deepest depths of HELL.

Some say he did what he had to do. No. We do understand war is a racket and some evil people thrive on it and make tons of money out of WAR, but if the “big boys” want to play hide and seek or kill somebody because he is trying to sell oil for Euros/Yuans etc... they don't have to kill hundreds of thousands of civilians destroying countries and whole regions of the world. Unless that was the purpose pushed by one small country over there...

Some say if it wasn't Dick doing that, there would always be someone else. Yep. Then why everybody is pissed at Hitler? Or Pablo E.? If it wasn't them there would be someone else. Duh!

And those evil people knew they were breaking the law. Rumsfeld was there when Nixon did that. Later he was the one doing that fearing prosecution at the end. They are not heroes, they are not patriots, they are not Americans. They are just government drones following the lines of power. Without the whole apparatus they are just little boys and girls shitting their pants.

We recommend the movie.

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