New Zealand viscous dog attack claims 50 lives and injures countless others.

New Zealand attackers were two, big 40 pound Pit Bulls capable of biting at least 5 people per second and two single bite Chiwawas.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern implemented new dog laws right away apparently prepared already just waiting for that kind of situation: “Our dog laws will change. There were two Pit Bulls capable of biting 5 people per second and two Chiwawas capable of only single bites. The guardian was in a possession of a dog license. It was acquired in 2017. He was radicalized after trip to France, where he saw a lot of poodles on the streets of Paris. I can tell you one thing right now. Our dog laws will change." We have to ban fast biting dogs first and then ALL of THEM. Who needs a dog anyway?

Remember kids: “don't let the crisis go to waste”

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