We just “experienced” the movie “Beach Bum”

One word review: HORRID!!!

Big red flag should have been VICE as one of the producers right at the beginning of the credits.

Let's be brief so we don't waste a lot of time on this shitty “movie”.

Here we go:

Fucked up, dissolved family – check

Interracial “couple” - check

Loser “father” - check

Drugs everywhere (as it is a good thing) – check

“Freedom” without ANY consequences – check

Complete disregard for anybody else except yourself – check

Complete disregard for law and order - check

“Wedding” without the priest but with weed smoking losers - check

Acting like an animal – check

No roots whatsoever – check

No binding (the same) culture - check

We very rarely leave the movies, actually don't even remember such an action but last night we were much inclined to do so.

In our opinion it is the second, back to back, bad movie Matthew M... has under his belt.

There is a chance we didn't understand the movie. Sure. Maybe, just maybe, director wanted to depict state of the Union as of now, which, in this case he succeeded perfectly!

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