Go Cashless says TSA

Had to fly 2 months ago. Trying to stay away from it but sometimes you got no choice.

Booked the flight the same way since 1995. Checked in with real person. Going through

TSA... GRRRRRRR/BRRRRRRR machine checking your id made a crazy noise.

Already knew its gonna be a long flight.

“You have to go back to airlines. Something is wrong”

“Well can you tell me whats wrong? Did the same thing I do for the last X years”

“I dont know. You have to go back to airlines”

Went back to airlines. Lady looked at me like “wtf, why are you back?”. I gave her

the same look, lol. She said everything is correct and I should go back to TSA.

Went back to the growing line. GRRRRRR/BRRRRRRR... same shit

“Dude, lady said there is nothing she can do. So Im fine”

“No. Machine says otherwise. You have to go back”

Pissed as fuck I went back to airlines. Thankfully Lady was cool enough and knowing

how fucking retarded everythig is she basically reissued my boarding pass.

Went back to TSA, but this time skipped the line. 3rd time is a charm...

Machine said ok. I was cleared to be molested by TSA gropers!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!

So what was the problem? The problem was my date of birth. It was slightly different

on my id and in the airlines files. SO WHAT????? So fucking what??? I thought TSA

and all other bullshit was to “keep us safe” from crazy people bringing crazy shit

on the plane right??? NO. This circus has ZERO to do with safety and EVERYTHING

to do with CONTROL. Untill people realise that TSA pedos will enjoy molesting

citizens. We could disband those fuckers yesterday and no one would notice.

It wasnt the end of fun before my flight.

After all this sexless touching I wanted a cup of coffee. Went to Peet's Coffee and Tea, stayed

in line for 10 mins and asked for a latte.

“Cards only” said masked retard mumbling

My eyes glazed A4 sized piece of paper stating that: “due to coin shortage we are asking

our customers for extact change, if thats possible”

“Coffee is 5$ and some change so Ill give you 7 bucks ok?”

“Cards only”

“But it says here you are accepting cash and you are supposed to accept cash”

“Cards only”

Asked for the manager but she was even more medically retarded that the masked “barista”.

Yesterday I reached out to a company managing customer relations for that location and

to Peets Coffee and Tea on Twitter. Both entities confirmed accepting cash in ALL stores.

But the next day when I asked why I was denied service then, first place changed the tone

saying that that location have “different sets of policies” and Twitter feed went cold and dark.

LOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Those fuckers are afraid of their own shadow.

Sad part is that during my altercation nobody from a crowd of about 20 people in line

came to the rescue. NOBODY said - “listen I got you. Coffee is on me (my card).

I would do it in the heartbeat. Thats whats wrong with everything. NO ONE GIVES